What I Hate About My 2nd Pregnancy

Some of you already know that I am pregnant. I posted my life updates here. Yes, it's been out, I am on my 2nd trimester of my second pregnancy but my third child already. It is a singleton pregnancy. My first were twin-boys. As much I really want to document my trimesters, there are not much difference aside from my tummy is getting bigger and I am becoming heavier. Same as my first pregnancy, I don't have any morning sickness or difficulty. I can still commute from home going to work everyday and can still attend blogger events if I want to. Good thing that my work is not that toxic and I am only required to finish emails. So it's all good. But what I really hate about this second pregnancy is how I received treatments from other people, be it stranger, friends, relatives etc. And here I will try to list on the things that annoys me and bear with me as a pregnant woman is writing this down.

*Expressions like "Buntis ka na naman?" Well I do have a partner and what do you expect? I know you will ask "Don't you even use any contraceptives?" And why do you even care? Pfft! I don't even have to explain myself to anyone. Aside from we are already adults and on the right age, we have small savings, insurance etc (I sound so defensive!), we embraced this new responsibility with a whole heart even if its not planned at all. And though I am on denial at first, getting such comments didn't really help me understand and accept my situation. We are raising two boys at the same time and we did it without any nanny and financial help from anyone (aside from the small debt from my mom of course love you mom!). They don't even know what we've been through, how crazy our life is, and how we are still coping up with our expenses. Maybe some means well but its how you say it to a sensitive preggy mom who carries her child and not you who gives unsolicited advise. We still want one girl but we didn't thought that God will gave it to us instantly. We didn't know the gender yet, but as long as she/he is healthy, its ok.

*People laughing and saying "What if its twins again?" like it was all a joke. Carrying twins is not a joke. There is a high risk pregnancy if you carry more than 1 child from your womb. I was so paranoid when I discovered we were having twins. I prayed to all the patrons. I had novena to Mother of Perpetual Help, prayed endlessly to St Pio in Eastwood and silently praying everyday everywhere, for my petite body to fully carry my babies until full term. I know that I am super blessed if I have twins again but please just shut up your mouth! :p

*Commuting. I love commuting aside from the fact that its saves me a lot of money, it also helps me to become more patient, adventurous and resourceful (such as finding another route if there's traffic). What I really hate is the people I am with when commuting. People don't prioritize you in lanes, they don't care if you have a big tummy or what, sisingitan ka pa nga nila. And the worst part is they will even squeeze you inside the PUV Express and will not care if you can even sit properly or comfortably. This is how I realized that people can be so rude to you pregnant or not. Though I don't want to be spoiled and be treated differently because I am pregnant (I can still line up, stand up in line and wait for my turn) please bear in your mind and in your heart that I am still carrying a child and a little compassion will not hurt you. And another thing, people who eat inside the PUV Express and those who have bad body smells! They don't even know that all the people inside the van can smell it! Arggh! Please be considerate!

*My love for sweets. I hate it when I always crave for sweets and I will blame myself if I get gestational diabetes because of how irresponsible I am of not controlling my wants. I am sorry baby! Mama will try her best.

*Don't know what to eat. On my 1st trimester, it was really hard to eat because I don't know what I want. I usually eat more than two cups of rice especially if I love the dish but it gets difficult as time goes by and I even missed to eat some lunch and dinners. I was devastated because my baby needs to have all the nutrients he/she needs from the food I eat. My friend's suggestion was, if I want to eat something I need to eat it right away even if its expensive and out of the budget. Happily, I already coped up with this stage, I even attended and manage to attend some foodie invites without any problem of spitting it after. Now I am always out of the budget just to eat what I want and wherever I am.

*Guilty that my two boys are now kuya's. I can't imagine loving another human being as much as I love the two of my boys. I am also guilty of the divided attention because a new baby is coming. They are still my babies but its so ironic that even-though they don't express much on our situation, I can feel that they already know it. A month ago they just stopped drinking their milks (We still urged them to drink milk but to no avail. Instead we substituted it with Choco na Gatas) and are now successfully potty trained at 2 yrs and 7 months old. I was so emotional because they need to grow up so quickly. I will still love you my two minions no matter what!

Above all this, I am still one lucky woman to experience a singleton and twin pregnancy. I don't have any direction when I was single and just want to travel and party with my friends every weekend. I never thought that being a mom is what I want and what really completes me. Being a mom is crazy but the best feeling in the world! The journey is hard and this is just the beginning. So if you see one pregnant woman, think before you speak, kindness, understanding and compassion is not really a must but maybe a little will not hurt, right?

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