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    Wednesday, October 26, 2016

    VITA CUBES 2 Good Fun Day!!!

    VITA CUBES 2 Good Fun Day

    My kids love VITA Cubes! I blogged how my twins love it here. It was indeed a Fun Day when we were invited to join the VITA CUBES 2 Good Fun Day at the Active Fun BGC. Too bad, I can't bring along my twins because I had an event prior, I tagged my niece instead. 

    We were one of the few early birds who came at the Active Fun event's area.

    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday

    The place was decorated with different playful colors! It really seems like a fun day!

    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday

    They handed us a passport where the activities are listed that day. There's Flipbook Photobooth, Vita Cubes Cake Booth and Vita Cubes Goodies! The food stubs is also included.

    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday  

    Here is our Ate Clyt all smiles before the program. Those violet loot-bags are prizes for all the mommies and kids!

    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday   Vita cubes 2 Good Funday

    Before the program started, we lined up for the flipbook photobooth. This is a new way to spice up those photobooths! It's a live action photobook where you just need to flip it to see the actions from pictures.

    Our Vita cubes Flipbook in action! :D

    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday   Vita cubes 2 Good Funday

    Ate Clyt, really did enjoyed the games that day. Don't underestimate this thin little girl because she is game in every activity that the host facilitated. She won her first game from the Twister Game! And I can't prevent her from joining the other games, oh well kids! :) The moms were not left behind of course, they also have games for us and a lot of prizes for posting on social media accounts how Vita Cubes is too good!

    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday

    My niece also had a chance to decorate her cake with colorful Vita Cubes candies and sprinkles!

    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday

    Aside from the fun games, we were surprised by a special guest, none other than the mommy blogger of TopazHorizon.com, Mommy Frances! She detailed on how her kids love Vita Cubes so much!

    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday

    Ate Clyt was hungry with all the games so we need to recharge with a light yummy snack.

    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday

    The fun didn't end there. There was also a magic show where my niece also participated! Super game lang sya! Nagmana sa pinagmanahan! :)

    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday   Vita cubes 2 Good Funday 

    It was also the time to mingle with my fellow Mommy Bloggers from MBP!

    A photo posted by ♥ Reylen ♥ (@madeitthroughmum) on

    After the program, the kids were given an hour of play inside the Active Fun. The sweats and the smiles are all present on my niece face, a proof that she had a pleasant time.

    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday

    This successful event is brought to you by Vita Cubes. Vita Cubes are cube soft like candies that are rich in vitamins and minerals.  Vita Cubes are not just candies, these little jelly candies contain vitamins and minerals. They contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lysine and Zinc which are essentials to our growing children. Vita Cubes are definitely healthy and yummy!

    Vita Cubes

    Thank you so much Vita Cubes for the 2 Good Fun Day!

    Vita cubes 2 Good Funday

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