My Post Office Experience

My Post Office Experience

Sharing my recent experience on claiming a parcel at the Philippine Post Office. This was not my first time claiming a parcel/package from them. I've experienced a not-so-hassle one years ago when I was still in Eastwood. I ordered some items from Ebay that time. I claimed the item at the Quezon City Post Office. Before, I don't have any clue what would I supposed to do with a Postal Notice. It is a paper where it's indicated that you need to claim your item at the nearest Post Office from your specified address. Fast forward to the present day, I was waiting for a parcel coming from an online store, From an advised of a fellow blogger friend, she recommended to track my item through

I waited for almost 2 months and still no Postal Notice! I almost forgot all about the package na nga! But when emailed me that the packaged was already delivered, I need to check it na because I need to have my review about it. I tried tracking the package from this site and there was a Phil Post no (63) 854-9825 listed, tried to call it but no one is answering. 

I am actually losing hope if I'll ever get my hands to that package. So I went to the nearest Philippine Post Office from my office in BGC. To no luck, they don't have any computers to check it. Yung totoo? They advised me to just go to the nearest post office where I address my parcel. It was my first time going to Antipolo Philippine Post Office and I am not sure if its the right place to go to. Unfortunately, it was another waste of time and they advised me to go to Mayamot branch. There are specific zip codes where you can actually check your parcels, it depends from your address. And because I don't have any Postal Notice, I don't have the slightest idea where to claim it, now I know, lesson learned.

My Post Office Experience

Finally, I reached the Mayamot Post Office 1820 near Masinag Wet N Dry Market. It was a small 2 floor office. The package is to be claimed at the 2nd floor.

My Post Office Experience

I was assisted by Ms Marissa (if I got her name correctly), and asked for my ID and the reference number. And though she didn't check my reference id or tracking number, she immediately saw my parcel. Checked the stamps on my item and it seems that they already received it last Aug 15, 2016. I went to their office last September 15, 2016. Imagine if I still waited for that Postal Notice to come. Argh!


I paid for P112 pesos before I finally got my parcel. And here was my parcel. Check the items that I got here.

I hope this post is somewhat useful to those who would like to purchase items online from international brands. 

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