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    Tuesday, October 25, 2016

    My Fondest Tupperware Memories


    Tupperware has been an ultimate staple at our household in terms of containers. They are on the industry for several years now. I can still recount some of my fondest Tupperware memories with my grandmother & mom from Tuguegarao province. 

    My grandmother used to collect those plastic containers known as Tupperware's. She had the different designs and sizes, neatly arranged on her antique cabinet. Whenever we are celebrating special occasions, Tupperware will not be out of sight. It is used for food that is specially organized on the table. That old orange pitcher (which every gradmom and mom owned) was one of my favorites because I would play with its cover with the button on the top which I would always push with my fingers.


    My grandmom would also make those yummy salads tucked inside the Tupperware containers and hide it from her grandchildren. I would sometimes sneak from this because sweets are my favorite ever since.


    On the other hand, my mom inherited most of the Tupperware containers from my grandmother. We usually use it for picnics because of its durability and other great features where we can have it on-the-go. I missed those picnics where we would play on a sunny day with all my cousins.


    Fast forward to today, Tupperware Brands celebrates its 50 years. And as a mom now, I am grateful that I am still able to take over some of my mom's Tupperware containers. True to its function, Tupperware can last for years being durable, timeless, and a container-on-the-go. I can definitely use these to create more memories with my family.


    Tupperware Brands Philippines

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    *This is an entry to Tupperware@50 Share Your Fondest Tupperware Memory Blog Contest*

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