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    Wednesday, September 21, 2016

    Fun Things To Do on a Weekend

    Fun Things To Do on a Weekend

    Working 5 days a week, I always look forward to the weekend. Its when I get to spend two days with my kids or just having a "me time". And if you are a budget savvy person like me, there's a lot of fun activities out there that doesn't require much money.

    Play with the kids - I always enjoy watching my twins playing outside our house and the best thing about it is, they get to exercise their motor skills and personalities on dealing with different kids with the same age.

    Fun Things To Do on a Weekend

    DIY Manicure - I love pampering myself whenever I have the time and doing manicure would be one of my favorites.

    Fun Things To Do on a Weekend

    Watch Movies or TV Series - Weekend is also the best time for me to catch up with all the movies and my favorite TV Series. When the kids are on their nap time, I would sneak out and bring out the popcorn. Happy me and happy weekend!

    Draw or Coloring Books - If you are feeling artsy, its time to enhance that drawing skills and complete that coloring book that you are aiming to finish for the longest time now.

    Fun Things To Do on a Weekend

    Read a Book - Its been ages since I read a book. And with the technology that we have now, we mostly rely on to ebooks. But it is still the best feeling touching and smelling those pages of a hardbound book. Books also helps you with your vocabularies, imaginations and communication skills. 

    Play Online Puzzles - I recently discovered this free online jigsaw puzzles where you can play numerous stock puzzles alongside user generated puzzles with their friendly gameplay and fun features. And the fun part? You can use your own image to play the online puzzle! I enjoyed playing it and if you are competitive, you can even compete with the high scorers. It's super easy and fun! You can play without an account but if you want to have your own image for the puzzle, that's when the time that you will need to sign up. Try it now!

    Fun Things To Do on a Weekend

    Eat Ice cream - I allow my kids to have a cheat day once in a while. Their favorite is indulging on an ice cream! Seeing their faces brings me back to my childhood memories. Spending the weekend with them will always be worth it and the best one.

    Fun Things To Do on a Weekend

    This list will go on. There are a lot of other fun things to do every weekend. And no matter what that is, what's important is we are being productive and spending it with the people that matters most. Having these free times make those stress go away so we can face another day at work. So have fun and enjoy life!

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