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    Saturday, June 11, 2016

    San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie Season 2 begins June 13

    San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie Season 2 begins June 13

    I am not an expert in terms of cooking. Mostly, I rely on Youtube and recipes online whenever I want to cook something for the family. My partner is the cook at the house and most of the times I can request anything to him as long as I got the recipe. This is also the same experience with the couple Drew and Iya Arrellano. Drew loves cooking at the kitchen and he is confident with it as per Iya. While Iya said that her mother is the one who does the cooking for them. And because they already got married, Iya learned her ways on the kitchen thus her addition to the Home Foodie Season 2 gave her more tips and recipes to cook for their little family.


    It was a privileged to get invited to the event of launching the Home Foodie Season 2 at the San Miguel Pure Foods Compound in Pasig City. They introduced Iya Villania joining Drew Arellano and the chefs of Home Foodie Season 2. Home Foodie is all about inspiring home cooks to reinvent traditional favorites and recreate dishes from food discoveries using San Miguel Pure Foods products. San Miguel Pure Foods believes that aside from dining out, foodies should also come home and harness their passion for food by cooking in their own kitchen and creating their own food experience.

    Home Foodie PH

    Chef Llena Tan-Arcenas demonstrated how to cook the Easy Chicken Pot Roast. This dish is a personal favorite recipe of Iya. I got a chance to taste it and I must say it was really delicious. It is easy to do too so I am very much excited to cook it for my boys. Click here for the recipe.

    Home Foodie PH

    We also have a full lunch of some of the sample recipes that they will be doing on the show. Another favorite is the Pali Kambing with Caramel Sauce!

    Home Foodie PH Home Foodie PH

    Home Foodie PH Home Foodie PH

    After the sumptuous lunch, there are some questions from the media where the five answered gamely. And you can hear the laughter that filled the room as they answer each and every questions. The couple also showed how they are naturally in-front of the cameras.

    San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie Season 2 begins June 13

    Drew has been the perfect host in Season 1 given his wide mass appeal, non-alienating persona aside from being a true blue foodie. Drew will continue to inspire and encourage both men and women to enjoy food by spending time in their kitchens.

    San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie Season 2 begins June 13

    Iya is the most welcome addition to the Home Foodie Family. She represents all wives and mothers, who are not just food lovers but are also keen on learning and discovering more for the satisfaction and welfare of their loved ones. Iya, who is equally popular and looked up to by her followers and peers, will encourage kitchen newbies to cook as she takes on the journey herself, from novice to an intermediate cook.

    San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie Season 2 begins June 13

    Witness Drew and Iya’s cooking adventure at Home Foodie as the episodes tackle domestic struggles that are commonly experienced when it comes to learning and preparing great food for our loved ones.

    Home Foodie PH

    Home Foodie viewers are expected to learn tips and techniques in food preparation with the experts from the San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center led by chefs Llena Tan-Arcenas, Rene Ruz and RJ Garcia.

    Catch San Miguel Pure Foods Home Foodie beginning June 13, Mondays thru Fridays, after Unang Hirit on GMA7. (30)

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