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    Tuesday, June 7, 2016

    Fresh Online PH: Fresh Seafood Delivered To Your Door!

    Been craving for seafood lately and want to cook it for lunch? But then you don't have the time to go to the market because the freshest way to look for seafood is at 3 am when you are still snoozing. I am so much guilty of this, the partner is the one who usually goes to the market and usually the one that he will buy are the common seafood that we all know. In this age of technology that everything can be ordered online, is it really possible that we can order fresh seafood online? Yeah, better read below. I was invited for the grand launching of Fresh Online PH at Chi-Chie's Restobar and Grill in Kapitolyo.

    Fresh Online PH

    There is a perception that seafood is pricey. Fresh Online PH simplified the seafood distribution chain (cold storage, transportation, and distribution), so we can give all the savings back to seafood fans. And worry not for the price because they are affordable.

    Fresh Online PH

    They work tirelessly with fishermen and suppliers to secure best premium seafood at source, flash frozen to seal in the quality, and bring the seafood directly to you, without the need for a middleman. 

    Fresh Online PH

    They want to make eating healthy seafood an easy option. In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of convenience is key. They do all the dirty work for you: They scour the markets for the freshest catch Dress, clean, scale and de-vein the seafood Pack it in cooking-size portions with specially prepared sauces.

    Fresh Online PH

    I got to try that white thingy fishy at the top picture and its really really good! Sorry I am bad with fish names! Ha Ha Ha!

    Fresh Online PH

    FreshOnline carries more than 50 different kinds of seafood, including fish, shrimp, squids, shellfish, and hard-tofind gourmet selections of premium imported crabs, scallops, and geoduck clams. They also offer canned luxury seafood— even dessert! With FreshOnline, no more waking up early to go to the smelliest wet market in order to get good seafood. No more stinky kitchen. No more messy and smelly remains to dispose. Just unpack and cook!

    Fresh Online PH

    Their selection includes fish and seafood not readily available in the market because of their sheer size. Among these are abalone, black tiger shrimps, and sashimi scallops—most of which are sold only in their small sizes. Fifteen pieces of black tiger shrimp from us could weigh as much as 1kg.

    Fresh Online PH

    They have products that are ready to be served. Instead of spending a lot of time preparing your seafood, order from them and see how easily you can serve your favorite seafood. Choose from sashimi octopus, teriyaki salmon, giant squid, and cooked shrimp.

    Fresh Online PH

    They offer premium seafood products not available locally. They are hard to find or—if you do find them—could be heavy on the pocket. They take away that perception and make sure these products are accessible and affordable. Some examples are the boston lobster, shiny rock lobster, and red grouper.

    Fresh Online PH

    At the event, we are lucky that Ms Eleen Kee (co-founder, Fresh Online PH) gave as a brief background on how they discovered this great new innovation. She grew up eating fresh seafood from her hometown in Malaysia. Knowing that Philippines has a lot of water body surrounding our islands, it was sad to know that there is not much of fresh seafood that we can served to the families' tables. If there are seafood that are hard to find, there is a perception that it is super pricey. She wanted to have us, Filipinos experienced eating healthy without being too pricey. She also taught us on different names of fishes that I really don't know. I told you, I don't go to the market that often.

    Fresh Online PH

    Jed Marcaida is also present and excitedly told us how they accepted the idea and how it is so helpful for the Filipinos everyday life.

    Fresh Online PH

    It is a great team up with Jump Digital as they launched this new order system that is on favor for all of us Filipinos. Be sure to check it out real soon at www.freshonline.ph and sign up.

    Chi-Chie's Restobar and Grill Chi-Chie's Restobar and Grill

    As the event progressed, we were also served with lunch and yummy dessert from Chi-Chie's Restobar and Grill. A big thanks!

    The FreshOnline.ph 
    Fresh. Ease. Affordable.

    Check the website www.freshonline.ph and sign up now!
    Or visit Fresh Online PH's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FreshOnline.Ph/?fref=ts

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