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    Wednesday, May 18, 2016

    Kodanda Archery Range + Summer Promo!

    What do Katniss, Daryl, Hawkeye, Merida, Neytiri, Robinhood and oh Cupid have in common? They all use one weapon which is a bow. But if I am going to choose which team will I be? Of course Team Daryl all the way! I am a fan of the Walking Dead since its first season (2010) even before The Mockingjay was premiered. And I love Daryl! That is why excitement is an understatement when I was invited to try Kodanda Archery Range for free in MOA! I'll be Daryl for a day! :)


    Say Hello Kodanda Archery Range! So I looked online for the meaning of Kodanda and I found these:
    The baby boy name Kodanda is pronounced as KowDaeNDah- †. Kodanda is used predominantly in Indian and its origin is Sanskrit. The name Kodanda means he who has a bow.

    We went there with my partner, who at first didn't want to go with me. But I insisted that we needed this so we can atleast have bonding time (you know reasons he he he). The Kodanda Archery Range in MOA is their latest branch and its been operating for more than a month now. This is the first time that I get to try them. We found the place a little bit difficult especially if you don't have a car. We walked our way towards the arena and found MOA Annex with no signs of Kodanda. We even got to the very back of the Annex and it was so hot that time! The place is at the back of Yellow Cab, just go through the left aisle. Anyway, when we finally got to see the range, there are other players who are already there.


    We rest for a bit and read these rules and etiquette. My partner and I are first timers in archery. As for sports, he plays basketball, while I dance and run. But since we had the twins, we don't have much sports (our twins are our sports, if you get I what I mean). So we better have all the information first and you could also ask the accommodating instructors and they will guide you thoroughly.


    Here are the gears that we needed for the day. Our instructors helped us to get ready and explained some details about what to expect.


    Here are the bows that the beginners like me can use. It is not that heavy and just enough to carry especially for a petite woman like me. He He He.


    I am ready to shoot zombies! Ha Ha Ha


    Here is my partner getting ready, naks! Our instructors, Paulo and Jasmine explained that there are 3 whistles. These whistles are very important if you don't want a bow on your head. Two whistles means get ready and shoot. One whistle is shoot. Three whistles is you can get the bows on the target paper.


    And shoot we go!


    My target paper! Not bad for a first timer.


    Guess who really did enjoyed the archery?


    Yeah its him!

    Kodanda Archery

    He was really good! And he was a first timer. He even gave me pointers on how to shoot! I was really proud of him. Most of the bows are on yellow color. Good job Papa!


    Ngiting tagumpay naman jan! You can bring home this target paper as a souvenir.


    We really did enjoyed our first archery experience! As a first timer, it was not bad and you can even try and try until you succeed until you reach the time limit of one hour. They can even have the target on a longer distance but I kept mine because I thought I can't shoot that far. I regretted it after, I should have experienced it while I am there. Better to go there and have your friends over. They can also accommodate groups and it was so much fun to compete with my partner and to have someone there to enjoy it with.


    In line with this, Kodanda Archery Range is offering a Summer Promo until May 31, 2016! Pay only for P350 pesos (from the original price of P580) and you will get the basic instructions, target paper and equipment rental for 1 hour. So what are you waiting for? Don't you want to be Daryl or Katniss for a day?


    Thank you Kodanda Archery Range for a fun and thrilling experience! Special thanks to Maricel and Ms Isay for the invite!

    Kodanda Archery Range
    Makati, Upper Basement, Makati Square
    BF Homes, 2 Flr Metrostar Mall
    MOA Arena Annex, G Flr MOA Annex Bldg


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