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    Monday, May 23, 2016

    EDEN Cheese Unveils The New Eden Mommy!

    EDEN Cheese Unveils The New Eden Mommy

    As a mom, we are always in search for good recipes to serve to our children. Sometimes it is also a struggle to think of something new and delicious that won't compromise their health. That is why, it was always fun that Eden Cheese helps mommies like us to discover dishes that are easy and healthy!

    EDEN Cheese Unveils The New Eden Mommy

    Even wondered creating recipes and adding cheese on it? Hmm, sounds really interesting right? I tried cheese on Spaghetti, Kaldereta, Cheese Sticks and the like. I also love Grilled Cheese Sandwiches! But have you tried it on Fried Tilapia? You bet, you haven't tried it yet! One mommy shared her recipe via Youtube and it was a hit! Guess who was it?

    EDEN Cheese Unveils The New Eden Mommy

    It's none other than Mommy Star! EDEN Cheese Unveils that she is The New Eden Mommy! I was one lucky momma to attend and witness the event. With a huge social media following, Mommy Star has attracted the attention of fellow social media stars who have collaborated with her in an episode for their respective channels. Mommy Star has also been guesting in several TV shows, proof that this ordinary mom is now a star in her own right. Truly, more and more mommies on social media get hooked on Mommy Star’s helpful parenting advices and mommy hacks.

    EDEN Cheese Unveils The New Eden Mommy

    One of the most obvious favorite topics that Mommy Star likes to share on her page and through her vlogs is cooking and making sure that meal times are more fun and creative for her daughter. As a regular working mom who is hooked on social media, Mommy Star knows the importance of keeping food exciting so kids will always look forward to mealtimes and eat plenty. 

    "My daughter is a not picky eater but napansin ko na (I noticed that) she does not eat as much when I serve her food that she has eaten many times before," shared Mommy Star.

    EDEN Cheese Unveils The New Eden Mommy

    Mommy Star also showed us her famous recipe of Fried Tilapia with cheese. She said that even the celebrities loves it! I was really keen on watching because I will try to cook it at home. My twins love fish so adding cheese to it will turn it into something extraordinary. It was a fun to watched Mommy Star as she cook and sing at the same time. There was never a dull moment! It was indeed a good choice for Eden Cheese because Mommy Star embodies the brand with her fun and cheerful character, love for cooking, and knack for coming up with cheesy delights.

    EDEN Cheese Unveils The New Eden Mommy
    Fired Tilapia Fish with Eden Cheese Fillings

    One of Mommy Star's inspiration is her only unica iha, Mariam who she described as her mini me. She reiterated that being a single mom is not something that she lacked of but yet it gave her a lot of  encouragements and make it the best out of her life. The challenges that she went through makes her more an inspiration to all the mommies out there who is also going thru the same situation.

    EDEN Cheese Unveils The New Eden Mommy

    "We're happy we found Mommy and hope that she will be an inspiration for other mothers to be their own kitchen superstar. We're very excited about this project and look forward to seeing mommies everywhere share their own Eden Cheese recipes," shared Nikki Paras, Assistant Brand Manager for Eden Cheese Philippines.

    EDEN Cheese Unveils The New Eden Mommy

    The event was hosted by Ms Gelli Victor held at the Mushrooms Kitchen in Valle Verde.

    EDEN Cheese Unveils The New Eden Mommy

    A product of Mondelez Philippines, Eden Cheese can turn any ordinary dish into an extraordinary meal --- cheesier and healthier. Whether it's a classic Filipino staple like pritong tilapia or a party must-have like sweet spaghetti, add Eden Cheese and these everyday dishes can become instant hits again. So mommies, take it from Mommy Star and make meal times extra yummy, extra cheesy, extraordinary for the whole family with Eden Cheese.

    EDEN Cheese Unveils The New Eden Mommy

    Check out this video of Mommy Star as she makes extraordinary and everyday dishes with Eden Cheese! #ThisIsHowYouNanay

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