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    Friday, March 18, 2016

    Zomato Goes To Taaleña


    Travel + Food? Who will refuse that? Since I've given birth to my twins, I set aside my travel plans. Yeah I miss a lot of travelling especially if you are with your friends but because of a lot of priorities, it can wait. Then enter an invitation from my Zomato family! A foodie meetup not in the Metro but in Tagaytay! Yahoo! So armed with my big appetite, iPhone and a blazer we headed to Tagaytay for a foodie escapade! Our destination was in Taaleña.

    Taaleña restaurant is located in a Spanish Style Manor named Casa Taal in Tagaytay City. It is one of the places that has a very great view of Taal Volcano. They mostly serves Filipino dishes especially Spanish and Batangas dishes.



    Taaleña has a very large indoor capacity that can hold up to 600 people. 



    The structure of the restaurant is very classic and homey.


    They also have a ground floor that can function for events.


    Who wouldn't be amazed of the view of Taal from Casa Taal? 



    Aside from the view, we are also grateful to taste Taaleña's generous specialty dishes.

    Zomato Goes To Taaleña


    Crispy Tawilis is one of my favorites. It is crispy and no need for vinegar. I can eat the whole thing including the head. I know it is an appetizer but I eat it with rice too! Yum!

    Taaleña: Crispy Tawilis

    Crispy Crablets is crispy too and a crowd favorite!

    Taaleña: Crispy Crablets

    Sizzling Pork Sisig is just so-so for me. I like mine spicier.

    Taaleña: Sizzling Pork Sisig

    Mango and Bagoong Salad is a great way to balance the meat dishes.

    Taaleña: Mango and Bagoong Salad


    Bulalo is very popular in Tagaytay. Taaleña served us their Bulalong Batangas. I am already full when I forgot that I haven't tasted yet the Bulalo. I was able to try it though it was already cold but it is still very flavorful.

    Taaleña: Bulalong Batangas


    Adobo sa Dilaw has a very unique taste because of the use of turmeric vinegar. I really love it. I will definitely recommend this dish especially to the foreigners that will visit the place.

    Taaleña: Adobo Sa Dilaw

    Crispy Pata was crispy but a bit dry.

    Taaleña: Crispy Pata

    I love how tasty their Fried Chicken was, though it was a bit dry too but I enjoyed it.

    Taaleña: Fried Chicken

    Their Kare-Kare was bland for my taste. It was so simple.

    Taaleña: Kare Kare

    Do not underestimate the look of their Mixed Pancit. This is another favorite of mine. I've tasted a lot of Pancit before but Taaleña's Pancit was really one of the best.

    Taaleña: Mixed Pancit Canton

    I just had a spoonful of Tortang Talong and it had the usual taste for me.

    Taaleña: Tortang Talong

    I was not able to try their Buko Rice, but according to some the buko's taste didn't really come out though I really like how it was presented.

    Taaleña:Buko Rice

    Same as for the Calamares Fried Rice, I will never know that its a Calamares Fried Rice if there are no Calamares toppings on it.

    Taaleña: Calamares Fried Rice


    Taaleña: Ube Macapuno Medley

    Taaleña: Leche Flan

    Taaleña: Suman sa Lihiya

    Taaleña: Suman sa Gata

    We had the dessert samplers of Ube Macapuno Medley, Leche Flan, Suman sa Lihiya, Suman sa Gata and the Fruit Platter. My favorites are the Suman sa Gata and Suman sa Lihiya they both have a dip which is not too sweet that greatly combines the simplicity of the two. I was not able to taste the Fruit Platter because I was really satisfied with my two favorites.

    Taaleña: Iced Tea

    The last but not the least is another favorite of the crowd, Taaleña's Iced Tea! I don't know how many glasses I consumed because it was just so great! He He He

    Zomato Goes To Taaleña

    Above all, it was a great experience! The serving was really fast, we were also serenaded by the Taaleña's band that we really did enjoy and they sing really well, the company was super fun, and the view was unforgettable!

    Zomato Goes To Taaleña

    So if in any case you'll go to Tagaytay, don't forget to drop by Taaleña. They still got a lot of dishes that are not included here. It is always a good idea to sometimes escape the hustle bustle of Manila and enjoy the cool air of Tagaytay! :)


    Casa Taal, Kilometer 54, 
    Silang Crossing West, 
    Aguinaldo Highway, 
    Tagaytay City

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    Taaleña Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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