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    Tuesday, March 1, 2016

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    I was invited for a lunch foodie meetup at Cafe Ysabel in San Juan. It was the first time that they required us to "dress to impress". Yay! And I easily go with wearing a dress, just to be safe! He He He! Knowing me, I will be looking on how to commute going to any events or the like. But it was a challenge, I didn't manage to use my commuting skills. I tried to master the map a day before so I can plan my route. I decided to just drop off at Greenhills and took a cab to Wilson Street and instructed the driver to go left on P. Guevarra St. It looks so easy aside from the traffic that I've encountered in Ortigas! Yeah I was an hour late! Grrr! Good thing that they didn't start early. 

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    Anyway, when I got to the place, it doesn't look like a restaurant at all. It looks like an old classic house in the 80's.

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    The place looks so elegant with the decors of fascinating chandeliers, painted walls and ceilings, decorated doors, beautiful mirrors, romantic table settings and need I say more how beautiful the comfort rooms are? 

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    Reminds me of my grandma from our province! Very classic with all those teacups and plates.

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    They also have these selection of wines.

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    And let me introduce you to their very well decorated comfort room!

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    I love the mirror! I wish I could take it home! :)

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    This mirror is perfect for ootd shots!

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    Let's go to the food! Here is the menu for our lunch that day. Cafe Ysabel offers a wide arrays of cuisines from Filipino, Italian and European.

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    Sumptuous Lunch at Cafe Ysabel

    I ordered Four Seasons for my drink and it had a twist! I think that's a whipped cream on top. I was not able to take a picture of their complimentary bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It was good!

    Four Seasons: Cafe Ysabel

    Jake and Cristine's Crisp Smoked Fish Wanton in Salsa Verde was very light and crisp.

    Cafe Ysabel: Jake and Cristine's Crisp Smoked Fish Wanton in Salsa Verde

    Silk Road Salad that consists of crunchy and exotic oriental sausage, noodles, apricots, smoked salmon, mango and greens in an apple spice dressing. We don't know how to eat it at first.

    Cafe Ysabel: Silk Road Salad

    Bobby Chinn's Pizza was one of my favorite. Aside from I am really bias with pizza's, it was not oily and was crisp to my liking. I also love the addition of the red wine shallots that added a little bit of sweetness and the generous fresh arugula.

    Cafe Ysabel: Bobby Chinn's Pizza

    Capampangan Caldereta was not that creamy enough for me. Though the beef was tender, there was something missing on the sauce and I love it to be spicy.

    Cafe Ysabel: Capampangan Caldereta

    Juan's Sole Roulade was another favorite! The taste was so simple but I love it! The crab-meat and the pasta really blends well! It was also beautifully presented.

    Cafe Ysabel: Juan's Sole Roulade

    CYB (Cafe Ysabel Burger) a double patty with foie gras, roasted onions and peppercorn gravy served with truffle fries. It was ok for me, nothing grand.

    CYB (Cafe Ysabel Burger)

    Well if you know me enough, I am a dessert person! The Junjun Chocolate Souffle was soft and hot when served with amaretto sauce, it was good but I was looking for something else on it.

    Cafe Ysabel: Junjun Chocolate Souffle

    This is the Peter Pan Pie. Chocolate Ice Cream, butterscotch, an Belgian chocolate in a cookie crust. I only had a spoonful of it though it was good too, but it was lacking of a wow factor.

    Cafe Ysabel: Peter Pan Pie

    Nevertheless, it was a sumptuous lunch! The food was well presented, the serving time was ok I really don't mind waiting, the staff are courteous, warm and approachable. Above all, the place is perfect for romantic couples who wants a place that is something extraordinary or unusual. Special thanks to Chef Gene Gonzales & my Zomato family!

    Cafe Ysabel
    455 P. Guevarra Street, 
    Addition Hills, San Juan City

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