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    Monday, February 15, 2016

    Townhouse Progress Report: Security Grilles

    Townhouse Progress Report: Security Grilles

    A week after adding the roof to our Service Area, we had the installation of the grilles. Initially it is not part of the plan, but after a lot of incidents of breaking the locks and putting stuff inside our townhouse without our permission, we finally decided to install window & door security grilles. Ewan ko na lang talaga sa kanila kung masira pa nila yan!

    The original plan is to build an extension with gates but I can't afford it right now so we had the door grille installed instead. The door needs to be replaced and a lot of work is needed in-front of the house.

    Townhouse Progress Report: Security Grilles

    Added a window grille on the windows that have a large space on it. I hate this part of the picture kasi makikita mu yung sinampay ng kapitbahay sa mismong tapat! Kaya I had it on black and white. Arghh!!

    Townhouse Progress Report: Security Grilles

    Requested for a styled grilles for the stairs. Those spaces should be covered too in time. Its not kid friendly.

    Townhouse Progress Report: Security Grilles

    And a window grille at the 2nd floor with an opening in case there are renovations at the roof. 

    Townhouse Progress Report: Security Grilles
    The design is timely with the Valentine's Day! We celebrated the Pre-Valentine here! Yay!

    Next are the electrical wiring installation and water connection. We still need to paint these grilles, replace the door, add a ceiling, paint the roof, clean the whole house, polish the service area, temporary fence and a lot more! Gusto ko palitan ang lahat ng pintura! I wanted to add tiles too but my budget is crying na! Just thinking of it makes me feel exhausted. Eh sabi nga ng partner ko, hindi naman daw ako mapapagod! Kawawa lang talaga ang bulsa ko. I am very much thankful with my partner who will do all the labor and that is a great chunk from the expenses that we will shell out for the renovations.

    So there, wish me all the good-luck in the world.

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