My Twins' 2nd Birthday

My Twins' 2nd Birthday

Hello everyone! I am still ok despite of what I am going thru from the past days. I'm a bit overthinking about a lot of plans and decisions so I can't really blog a lot not unlike before. It's an adult problem and I don't want to be an adult right now, yikes!

Anyway, last week we celebrated my twins' 2nd birthday. We had a simple celebration with our close family. Nothing grand and fancy, just the way I like it. Last year, we celebrated their 1st birthday on a traditional way with a lot of DIY. I wanted to do a lot of DIY as usual this year but I don't have a lot of time plus no leave credits at work. Boo! So I opted for some simple DIY that I made within the day.

We ordered 10 pcs of balloons that day and cut out crepe papers for the simple backdrop.

My Twins' 2nd Birthday

I bought some candles from National Bookstore and have these cake toppers and cupcake toppers printed and taped it on stick/toothpicks.

My Twins' 2nd Birthday

We cooked simple menus like Macaroni Spaghetti & Pancit.

Macaroni Spaghetti

Baked this Macaroni with Mornay Sauce from my Asahi Convection Oven

Baked Macaroni

We also grow our own chicken and made this Roast Chicken Stuffed with Cream of Mushroom.

Roast Chicken with Stuffed Cream of Mushroom

I chose the theme cars because my kids love Lightning Mcqueen! If you only knew how many times we would watch the movie Cars everyday! I already memorized a lot of dialogues of the characters! Yeah, crazy! I have a lot of ideas in mind but I was not able to execute it, though I still make it to a point where I can still do something by hand like these cake toppers and cupcake toppers.

My Twins' 2nd Birthday - DIY Cake and Cupcake Topper

I made these toppers via photo-shopped and can you imagine that these sticks/toothpicks are the extras that was not use from our party last year? Talking about being matipid! Ha Ha Ha! I ordered these red velvet with cream cheese frosting from my office-mate. These are much affordable because its homemade.

My Twins' 2nd Birthday - Red Velvet Cupcake
This cupcake tower is a year older too!

And here are my cake toppers on our two Goldilocks cake. Same as last year, the other cake lost its one letter candle, this year the lettering on the cake was almost wipe out. When the cake was inside the box, the kids kept on hitting it and that was the result. Super excited lang? :)

My Twins' 2nd Birthday - Goldilocks Cake

As usual, I opted for the simple round cakes of Goldilocks. Of course I bought two cakes for my two kids (sponsored by my mother dear thank you!) I always say that they are two individuals who have different personalities so no to sharing of cakes. As much as I can I will buy them 2 cakes every year! Though I still need to practice taking separate pictures of them.

My Twins' 2nd Birthday - Goldilocks Cake

I bought some candies for the kids who will visit us and put it on a Melaware container.

My Twins' 2nd Birthday - Candies

And we are all set for the party!

My Twins' 2nd Birthday
Hindi pa ba magstart ang party? Antok na ko eh! :p

The birthday boy 1. My charming baby Eros. :)

My Twins' 2nd Birthday

The birthday boy 2. My cutiepie Deus. :)

My Twins' 2nd Birthday

When we had our candle blowing, Eros was a bit shy while Deus was throwing his tantrums when the people around them was singing Happy Birthday. It was a fun to watch! It was the first time I saw them like that because we even had our practice on how to blow the candles that it didn't happened that day. I'd never thought that they are shy around people because they liked to play outside with a lot of kids and will always run here and there. 

My boys, triplets. :)

My Twins' 2nd Birthday

Cousins & titas. 

My Twins' 2nd Birthday

Our small visitors.

My Twins' 2nd Birthday

Opening of gifts!

My Twins' 2nd Birthday

As soon as they opened all their gifts, they went outside to play! The joy of being a kid! 

My Twins' 2nd Birthday

To my two boys, you two bring happiness to my life & made my life complete. I'd never had a purpose and direction until the two of you came. And though life is hard and uncertain, I was brave enough to face it because I have the two of you. You two are my angels, my everything, my life, my forever. Mama and Papa will always love and give everything that you will need as much as we can. I love you two bebelabs! To infinity and beyond!

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