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    Wednesday, December 16, 2015

    Christmas Season: What I've Been Busy With


    Hello guys! How's your holiday doing? Me, I'm super crazy with my schedule! I have some posts that I would like to share here especially the DIY stuff but I will just have it in one post. Hectic eh! :)

    Here are some of the things that I've been busy with:

    In line with the celebration of Christmas, we have a Recycled Christmas Tree & DIY Christmas Sock Contest at work.

    Magazine Christmas Tree

    I initiated to make the Recycled Christmas Tree. I suggested to make a Christmas Tree out of Magazines. It is super easy to do. The mechanics are it should be made of 80% of recycled materials and 20% bought items (tapes, glue etc). But the struggle was, no one is willing to bring a magazine! Boo! And I don't know what stand will I make. Luckily, one of my team mates asked one of our maintenance to give us tissue rolls. And that is the stand that I made, I taped the tissue rolls so I will have a stand for the tree.

    Magazine Christmas Tree

    I don't have the pictures yet because smartphones are not allowed inside our production area and announcing of winners is until Friday (Dec 18).


    We also made use of old cd's to make snowflakes for the ornaments of the tree. It looks easy but it was really challenging on cutting it. Masakit sya sa kamay!

    CD Snowflakes

    Origami Star

    I made an origami star (like the picture below) our of an old yellow cartolina for the top of the tree.

    Origami Star


    I also made 2 angels out of 2 whole magazines. It is the same step that I used when I created a small magazine Christmas tree, I just added head and wings.

    Magazine Angel


    My colleague Ram, made these Reindeer's out of tissue rolls.

    Tissue Roll Reindeer

    Then we make use of old milk cartons for the gifts and wrap it with recycled brown paper bags from supermarket and added ribbons. I hope I can show you the real pictures here. There are a lot of beautiful entries which I hope I can also share here.


    Aside from the Christmas Tree Contest is the DIY Christmas Sock per person. I made this crochet Christmas Sock from Le monde de Sucrette pattern. After the contest, I will bring this home and put toys for my twins. It's 10x bigger than the regular sock. :)

    Crochet Christmas Sock


    As I've mentioned here, I also joined the performance contest of our year-end party for our company. Below is a sample drawing of how our costume will look like. We are actually cramming on completing the steps for the dance and how to diy our costume.

    DIY Costume
    Credits to Ena Beleo for this drawing. Check her website at enabeleno.com for her amazing drawings!

    And yeah, I was able to buy gifts at Taytay, when we are looking for possible costumes. Uo naisingit ko pa talaga! Para-paraan lang talaga yan. :)

    UPDATED: Here are the entries for the DIY Christmas Trees. Our Team is under Lala.

    Recycled Christmas Tree
    Grabbed Image from Knome

    Here are the winners

    Recycled Christmas Tree
    Grabbed Image from Knome

    So how busy are you this Christmas Season?

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