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    Friday, November 13, 2015

    My Mom's High-school Crochet Projects

    My Mom's High-school Crochet Projects

    When I was in Elementary, we had a subject which is called T.H.E. (The Home Economics). On this subject, we learned everything about crochet, sewing, cooking, embroidery and also some men work related like carpentry, landscaping etc. It was then that I learned how to do all this craft. I learned the basics of crochet & cooking which I am still using right now. On embroidery, it is not really my forte. I remembered it was really hard to embroidered a flower. For sewing, I knew how to use the manual sewing machine with the pedals. I used to make rags (those that in circle shapes that jeepney drivers are using) & make something from it for my snacks when I was young. I also know how to sew by hands that is very useful for me now. I think T.H.E. was changed to Technology and Home Economics which included learning's about computer in line with the modernization.

    Come high-school, we also had an economics class which I forgot what's it's called back then. We learned about gardening, cross stitch, baking and cosmetology. And in public schools now, it is called EPP (Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan) which I am not sure if it still include the old curriculum. 

    One of the members from Crochet Addict Philippines mentioned on one of my posts that they don't teach crochet now. It is really sad if that's true. I knew a lot of people who are really talented with this craft and I think future generation should still learn how to do it. They can create beautiful things from it as well as other crafts that are being taught during elementary and high-school.

    For instance, my mom who spent high-school in the province had this Crochet Pillow Cases that she made for a project for more than 30 years. (matanda pa sa kin!) Who would have thought that these are still alive after so many years? Look at all the designs. It was unique and intricate. I was hoping to get the patterns from her but of course she already forgot all about it. She was really excited to show these to me because she knows that I love doing crochets. I hope I can make a project like this. It takes time for me to finish a large project.

    My Mom's High-school Crochet Projects

    My Mom's High-school Crochet Projects

    My Mom's High-school Crochet Projects

    My Mom's High-school Crochet Projects

    The generation now is far different. We can learn all the things that we want using Youtube or internet. But I hope that they still teach this at schools. Especially at public schools for those who can not afford to use a computer or attend paid workshops. Do you know some schools that are still teaching about crafts & crochets?

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