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    Monday, October 19, 2015

    OOTD: Ideas of Office Wear

    Mondays, start of the day at work and then you don't know know what to wear. Sounds familiar? I know right? I am also one of those. Having no uniforms at work, it makes it hard for me to decide what to wear. My go to work outfit should be comfortable to tackle the long 9 hours of calls and emails. Here are some of the ideas that might help you coming from my personal perspective.

    • Dress - Who can go wrong with wearing a dress to office? It is easy to wear and just top it off with a cardigan or blazer, pair it with boots or doll shoes and you are good to go.

    OOTD: Ideas of Office Wear

    • Mix & Match - This is my favorite. You can mix and match your old and new clothes to come up with a unique style. You can match a plain shirt with a colorful bottom to pop more color.

    OOTD: Ideas of Office Wear

    • Classic Ensemble - Classic and casual look is the most common and simplest way to dress at the office. And the best way to look for a casual corporate attire is from Zalora. There are a lot of options to choose from, like this Mango Flowy Shirt, so sophisticated. You can check out Zalora's collection of corporate attire.

    Mango Flowy Shirt

    • Patterns - Play with patterns once in a while just don't go overboard. :)

    OOTD: Ideas of Office Wear

    • Skirts - Skirts is every woman's bestfriend. You can pair it with a simple top or any design blouses.

    OOTD: Ideas of Office Wear

    • Accessorize - If you are lazy to choose the right clothes for work, put on your simplest outfit and accessorize to show your personal statement.

    OOTD: Ideas of Office Wear

    • Experiment - Experiment with clothes that you don't usually use. Go bold without revealing too much skin. Once in a while you can come out of your comfort zone.

    OOTD: Ideas of Office Wear

    • Dress Down - And finally for Fridays, wear your most comfortable clothes to finish the week!

    OOTD: Ideas of Office Wear

    So ladies, what office wear do you prefer most?

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