August 10, 2015

DIY Barbie Invitation

My so called sister in law requested if I can make a Barbie Invitation for my niece (youngest daughter of my brother) who is turning one this coming August 25, 2015. I made 2 samples for the invitation. I had a lot in mind in doing invitations for a girl, not just a paper invitation. But she requested for a simple invitation with Barbie. There are a lot of ideas on Pinterest! I wish I have a girl. He He He (be careful on what you wish for!).

DIY Barbie Invitation

She liked this one more than the 2nd one. The problem with doing the invitation is that we don't have a decent image of my niece. So what I did at the top invitation is, I photo shopped the image, I cover the original image with my niece's picture Ha Ha Ha. For the second one, I added a small image at the top right part and put a crown. And edit the texts for the both invitations, easy peasy!

DIY Barbie Invitation

She also requested for another template where she can have it printed as tarpaulin. The samples are below and I am not done with it because we are still looking for her nice pictures to add. It's really hard to get a picture of her.

DIY Barbie Invitation

DIY Barbie Invitation

But on the last minute before we have the tarp and invitation printed, she wanted the 2nd invitation to be the tarpaulin. She bought these souvenir bags and she said they looks the same so she requested if I can make the changes for it. I edited it to make it suitable for a tarp. I added more pictures on it. I still need her approval on this and I hope I did a great job. :)

DIY Barbie Invitation

We really saved a lot on doing this. Instead of paying for someone to make the invitation, do it yourself. There are a lot of ideas online. We will have in printed and I really do wish we also have a printer at home. What do you think of the invitations and tarpaulin? 

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*The templates used for the tarpaulin and invitation are from Google and edited it using Photoshop. This is for personal use only and will not be for sale. 

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