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    Tuesday, July 14, 2015

    Mini Escapade: Hinulugang Taktak

    "Tayo na sa Antipolo, at duon maligo tayo.
    Sa batis na kung tawagin ay hi-hi-Hinulugang

    Mini Escapade
    Getting ready for our mini escapade

    I still know the song! Ha Ha Ha. I learned that when I was in highschool. I lived in Antipolo for so many years now and would you believe it's my first time at Hinulugang Taktak? Mas nauna ko pang napuntahan ang Daranak Falls. Ewan ko ba, my highschool friends never bothered to go there, sabi nila hindi na daw ganun kaganda.

    Last weekend, my mom is bored (yes my mom is on a vacation here in the Philippines, she surprised us that she's going home). She wanted to go somewhere without spending too much (I can't suggest Pinto Art Museum because the kids can't appreciate it yet, next time na lang). I knew that Hinulugang Taktak reopened to the public last February 2015 so I suggested to her if we can visit it. Riding on my brother's tricycle, off we go to Hinulugang Taktak.

    Hinulugang Taktak

    Hinulugang Taktak is a waterfall in the Philippines found in the province of Rizal on Luzon island. The waterfall area has been designated as a National Park by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and is one of the two most popular tourist spots in Antipolo City, Rizal's capital, the other being the Antipolo Cathedral. In 1990, the waterfall has also been proclaimed as a National Historical Shrine under Republic Act No. 6964.

    Hinulugang Taktak
    Kahit umaambon, gora pa din!

    The water of Hinulugang Taktak is polluted and not for swimming. Some say that if you go near the falls you will smell something bad. And also the water is being abused because some of the residents daw is throwing their trash from the above part of the falls. That is why there are groups, including the government, who act to save the falls.

    Then last February 13, 2015, Hinulugang Taktak National Park was opened again to the public.

    The entrance is free and you just need to sign all your names on the form. But I wish there is a fee for the maintenance of the falls. I am not really sure if they will be charging for the next coming days.

    Hinulugang Taktak

    My mom said there were no stairs like this way way way before.

    Hinulugang Taktak

    Hinulugang Taktak
    Rules & Regulation

    Hinulugang Taktak

    There is also a swimming pool inside but its not open that time. My co-worker said that the entrance for the swimming pool is 8 pesos!

    Hinulugang Taktak

    Hello Hinulugang Taktak! See my niece at the bottom left of the picture, she is overjoyed seeing the falls.

    Hinulugang Taktak

    The water splashing from the falls was very strong though the color of the water is not that clear. I am not really sure if its because its raining that time.

    Hinulugang Taktak

    But when I come closer, there are still some garbage on the side of the falls. :(

    Hinulugang Taktak

    We only took some pictures that day because we don't have any plans. But you can go here and have some picnic.

    Hinulugang Taktak

    Hinulugang Taktak

    These are some of the cottages that you can rent. We saw one family who is having their picnic on one of the cottages.

    Hinulugang Taktak

    Hinulugang Taktak

    Hinulugang Taktak

    Hinulugang Taktak
    A big space, I think for events who will rent the place.

    Hinulugang Taktak

    Hinulugang Taktak
    Swimming Pool

    Kids enjoyed running here and there. Simple joys.

    Hinulugang Taktak

    I really hope they can maintain this place for future generation. We wanted to go back when it's not rainy and have some picnic and see if the color of the water will change. And for all those who wanted to visit, let's take good care of the place and please don't throw garbage anywhere.

    Going there:
    From Marcos Highway go right going to Sumulong Highway 
    and then turn right to Daang Bakal 
    till you see the big Hinulugang Taktak sign on the right side.

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