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    Thursday, May 14, 2015

    Reusing Tic Tac Containers

    I miss doing DIY! And since I am in the office most of the time, I don't really have the time to do my pending projects. That is the reason why you see a lot of food post on the blog. So on this post let me show you a no sweat DIY that anyone can do. If you have read my post about Reusing Chocolate Boxes, it will be similar to this. Whenever it's our 15 minute break, my office mates will go for yosi breaks. Me on the other hand will buy some candies while making kwento because I don't smoke. Though sometimes I really don't go with them because of the effect of second hand smokes.

    Reusing Tic Tac Containers

    Here I bought these Tic Tac Strawberry Candies from 7/11 worth 30 pesos. Mahalia sya ha. So I reuse the container 'coz I felt that that's what I've paid it for. 

    Reusing Tic Tac Containers

    After finishing the candies and cleaning the container, I put all the hairpins/bobby pins that I had from my previous HMUA gig. I also take out the Tic Tac sticker. I will always lost a lot of hair pins even if its not my intention. So this is the best container for them.

    I added washi tapes for the sticky part and then I am done! :) So easy peasy right?

    Reusing Tic Tac Containers

    Now here are some ideas that I got from Pinterest on how to Reuse or Repurpose Tic Tac Containers

    Reusing Tic Tac Containers
    For Paper Clips

    Reusing Tic Tac Containers
    For Buttons

    Reusing Tic Tac Containers
    For Spices

    Reusing Tic Tac Containers
    For Beads

    Reusing Tic Tac Containers
    For Ribbons

    Reusing Tic Tac Containers
    For Travel Size Match

    So many cute ideas! I hope you somewhat enjoyed this simple DIY. :)

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