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    Tuesday, March 10, 2015

    Nail Art Session

    Nail Art Session

    I've been missing doing Nail Arts lately. I don't have time to do it at home, because the kids are super double naughty and playful. They can walk now without any help and can even climb our cabinets. They will put everything on their mouths too! So they need my full attention and I don't really care because I love doing it.

    When we had our training from work last week, our trainer gave us long breaks. It was a great time to practice nail arts on my office-mates! He He He They will not complain, in fact they will volunteer to be my model.

    We brought our nail polishes, nail art brushes and tools.

    Nail Art Session
    Here is when I am doing Nail Art on Anj's right hand

    Nail Art Session

    I found this tutorial using black and gold polishes which are really easy to do. I made these designs (the black with gold dots and black dots) on Anj's right hand.

    Nail Art Session

    A photo posted by Neri Ann (@nheng_28) on

    Here is the outcome. It is not well polished and we didn't clean the nails. We just played with the designs and all.

    A photo posted by Neri Ann (@nheng_28) on

    Then I made a different designs to her left hand. Anj was asking me how to do the cupcake nails so I made it on the other hand. 

    A photo posted by Neri Ann (@nheng_28) on

    And here is my simple nail art. I bought these cute beads at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall that I wanted to give to my mom. If you are not the type who likes to draw on your nails, this is a great alternative. You can choose any color and top it off with different shapes of beads.

    Nail Art Session

    I am not really professional on doing Nail Arts. And I admit that I still need a lot of practice. But it will not discourage me to be interested in a particular subject. It will help me more to be creative and patient. Thank you girls for being my nail models! :)

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