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    Friday, March 6, 2015

    Crochet TV and DVD Cover

    Crochet TV and DVD Cover

    One of my favorite crocheter is Angie of Le Monde De Sucrette. I found most of my patterns on her blog. I also copied her summer time riffle for my Crochet TV and her coasters to form my DVD cover. I love all her works! Everything is in joy colors! And I am also amazed on how she manage to finish all her crochet projects. She is really good. Her best project so far is the Bed covers! I can't even finish this TV cover in just a week. She is really talented. Check her website and you will understand what I am trying to say. :)

    Crochet TV and DVD Cover

    When I was done with my Crochet TV and DVD Cover, the joy was unexplainable! I love how it turned out. It gave life and color to my TV and DVD. Honestly, I've finished this for more than a month and I still want to try more crochet projects soon. I still have a lot of pending projects. So many ideas so little time.

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