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    Tuesday, February 17, 2015

    DIY Balloon Pillar

    DIY Balloon Pillar

    I still have a lot of pending post for my Twins' First Birthday DIY stuff. And this is one of those. This is a trial DIY. I wanted to try making Balloon Pillars for the 1st time. There are a lot of tutorials on Youtube that I had watched to make this work plus I had a lot of extra balloons for practice.

    Initially, I wanted to add this to my decorations for my Twins First Birthday but the colors didn't match the theme so I just gave it to our guests.

    Here are the colors that I used for my practice. 

    DIY Balloon Pillar

    First is to inflate the balloons.

    DIY Balloon Pillar

    Next, is to join the balloons together and knot them.

    DIY Balloon Pillar

    Then, twist the 2 pairs.

    DIY Balloon Pillar

    DIY Balloon Pillar

    Repeat the steps until you have 3 sets of 4 balloons being twist together.

    DIY Balloon Pillar

    To join them, get an oblong shaped balloons that is not inflated to connect all the balloons together. You can add stones at the bottom part for "pabigat".

    For better directions see image below:

    DIY Balloon Pillar
    Spiral Balloon Tutorial

    DIY Balloon Pillar

    Tada! It's not perfect because the balloons are not inflated equally. Plus I need to change the colors for the spiral effect. But this is a nice try and fun to do, masakit nga lang sa kamay. What do you think?

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