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    Friday, January 30, 2015

    My Twins' Minion First Birthday

    Yey! It's been a year with the twins! Where did the time go? It flies so fast! I must say that it's been a roller coaster ride. It's not easy but I will not change it for anything else! So I am giving myself a pat on the back for a job well done. Well most of the credit goes to my partner, for all those sleepless nights with the twins and all by himself he was able to take care of our twins (yes he takes care of our twins while I am on a full time job), anyway that's a different story. 

    As early as 2 months after I gave birth to my twins, I've been planning for their Baptismal and Birthday parties! Yes, that's how excited I am and maybe because I myself don't experience any big parties when I was a kid. But as days goes by, it gets harder and harder. My salary is just enough for our everyday expenses. So I don't want to stressed myself anymore and decided that we will throw a simple party for my twins (now I understand my mom hehehe).

    My partner and I talked about it. I said that I don't want to spend a lot of money for a party that my kids will not remember. It doesn't mean that I don't love them if I don't throw them a big party (Note: I am not against big parties). And I also wanted to point out that we have a lot of important expenses like investing for their education, paying for our insurance, buy our appliances so we will have our own once we move out and investing for travels, because I believe that my kids will learn a lot once they get to go to other places. I always dreamed of travelling with them. I just want to celebrate their birthdays and be grateful that they came into our lives. In addition, I also wanted to take into consideration the fact that they can't decide yet for themselves if they wanted a big party or not. I wanted to take it easy, have a simple celebration and just go with the flow. I just didn't want the pressure.

    First comes first before the Birthday is the Baptismal. I wanted to celebrate it together with their Birthday. But, I realized that when I joint the two celebrations it meant a bigger party. Ha Ha Ha (kuripot lang ang peg). So we planned to have the Baptismal on my 29th Birthday. Aside from its my birthday, the date is also close to Christmas Day and New Years Eve and it's the twin's 11th Months! It a simple house party with Ninongs and Ninangs. It is more important that they have the blessings to become a Catholic above anything else.

    Now that I've become a mom, I adore small intimate parties. I have these inspirations from cute small parties here, here, and here. I adore Topaz Mommy on how she celebrated her boy's birthday on a simple yet cute parties. But I was soo wrong! Sino bang niloloko ko? Ha Ha Ha! It was impossible to throw a small party with all our relatives na puro kapitbahay namen who have a lot of kids. So there, the party of 20 people became a not so big party.

    I started to cram in a few days but I knew in my heart that I wanted to do a lot of DIY (though I only have a limited time because I am working full time with two weekends off & nagtitipid talaga ko Har Har Har!). First and foremost is the theme. Yeah I've mentioned that they can't decide yet, so I chose a theme that will be easy, and that is "Minions" (I got a change of heart for the theme as you can see from my post here) I already got a lot of pegs and ideas from Pinterest for invitations, printables, candy buffets etc. I have the planning posts here & here.  

    My Twins' Minion First Birthday

    So here's some of the pictures on my Twin's Minion First Birthday Celebration. (Wala man lang akong matinong pic! And epic fail ulet ang hindi ko pagpicture sa mga foods! Ang hirap palang magcelebrate ng puro DIY but it was a lot of fun!)

    My Twins' Minion First Birthday
    DIY Backdrop using yellow crepe paper and DIY Picture Banner

    My Twins' Minion First Birthday
    DIY Minion Door

    My Twins' Minion First Birthday
    DIY Photobooth (This picture is taken from my Iphone to my Canon's screen so that's why its blurred) Will have a separate post for much clearer pictures

    My DIY Photobooth which is really a hit not only to kids but also to adults. Muntik na ngang hindi mapansin ang mga games ko! Ha Ha Ha. Thanks to by brother who made the wood stand.

    A photo posted by Neri Ann (@nheng_28) on

    My Twins' Minion First Birthday
    Cupcakes from Iko's and my DIY cupcake topper

    My Twins' Minion First Birthday
    Deus' Cake. Simple cake from Goldilocks with minion topper and Happy Birthday Candles

    Nasira yung letter "H" kaya Birtday na lang! Ha Ha Ha

    My Twins' Minion First Birthday
    Eros' Cake

    My Twins' Minion First Birthday
    3rd Cake!

    My Twins' Minion First Birthday
    4th Cake! From kambal's lola Beth. Mutant Ninja Turtle Cake!

    My Twins' Minion First Birthday
    Sorbetes which was made by their lolo Inggo. Flavors are Mango, Keso & Avocado. All are yummy!

    My Twins' Minion First Birthday
    Thank you for all the gifts!

    I will try to post more pics from the party and separate posts for my DIY crafts! Overall it was a super-fun party! Because all the kids are happy with the games and all of them have loot bags!

    My Twins' Minion First Birthday
    My Bebe Loves! with their sunglasses - gifts from their Tita and my brother

    Happy Birthday to the two boys who totally change my life forever! Mama is super lucky to have the two of you! I love you to bits my two little Minions! Please don't grow too fast and so we will make more memories together with Papa.

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