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    Tuesday, October 28, 2014

    DIY Earphone's Cover

    "In crafting there are no mistakes, it is your own creation."

    The cord protector are so famous nowadays. It only costs around 20-35 pesos. But I, being a mom, don't want to buy any luho for my Iphone (kuripot lang ang peg!). So why not make your own when you have the resources?

    This tutorial is very easy and it's a cool way to personalized your headphones

    DIY Earphone's Cover
    DIY Earphone's Cover

    What You'll Need:

    Yarns (I used my extra Monaco Yarns)
    Any earphones
    And a lot of patience! He He He

    DIY Earphone's Cover
    Monaco Yarns

    The Monaco Yarns that I used was bought from a craft store in Robinson's Metro East. I forgot the name of the store, they also sell items for cross stitch. I chose this kind of colour (fading pink & fading violet) because you don't need to change the yarns and it will give you 3 different colors while covering the earphones.

    The DIY Earphone Cover that I did was a style used to create a bracelet. I first learned this when I was in highschool when Loombands are still not famous.

    I don't know how to call this pattern. But I am calling it as spiral stairs because of it's design when you finished it.

    DIY Earphone's Cover

    First step, cut the yarns to the desired length. The longer the better but it will be very difficult to make it because it will create "buhols". So just cut it on a medium length. You can still knot another yarns if all the yarns are consumed. Get at least 4 pieces of yarns, make a knot like the image above.

    The steps consists of knots using only one strand.

    DIY Earphone's Cover

    Get 2 strands and make a circle on the right hand side which should be under the earphone.

    DIY Earphone's Cover

    Then make a knot by inserting the tail of the circle unto the circle. Repeat. Easy right? Now to obtain the design look of the spiral, just let it be it will just form that way whenever you are making the knots.

    DIY Earphone's Cover

    So here you will get the idea of how it will look like.

    DIY Earphone's Cover

    And this is the final result. Cute right? I made this for almost 2 hours with breaks of course. :)

    If you are having trouble on following my instructions, please see my simple video tutorial above. :)
    I am still not a pro on doing videos, please bear with me. He He He. 
    And I am sorry for the chaps nail polish. Still don't have time to do nail arts.

    'Till our next tutorial!


    Nheng <3


    1. Yay I miss high school! I've ben doing a lot of these back then, remember those friendship bracelets that look like these? I'm addicted to them before ^_^

      1. It's good for souvenirs before kasi madali lang gawin at mura pa. He He He. Thank's Genzel for always dropping by! :)

    2. Ang crafty! Hindi din ako bumibili nung cord protector churva na yun. ang mahal! Pero parang wala akong pasensya sa ganito. Pero you make it look madali ah! Lemme' try nga!

      1. Thanks! Nakakabobo ngang gawin eh He He He. Medyo matagal nga sya gawin kasi depende kung gaano kahaba yung earphone mu kaya kelangan talaga ng pasensya. :)


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