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    Thursday, September 25, 2014

    Rainbow Loom Keychain

    "Crafting your heart out makes room for you to grow." -- Sara Lanan

    My cousin is very much addicted to loombands. She created a lot of keychain loombands and sold it. It's a trend mostly to kids because it's really easy to create bracelets, charms, keychains etc.

    I really don't want to get attached on making bracelets with loombands. Because I have so many crochet projects that are still not done. So adding another addiction will result to unfinished projects He He He.

    I give myself a chance on how to make craft using loombands. Just to try it for arts sake. :)

    On this tutorial I will be making a Rainbow Loom Keychain with Letters. 

    First, you need to have a basic knowledge on how to loom. It's very easy, kids can do it so you can.

    Then have the materials needed.

    Rainbow Loom Keychain
    These are the things that you will need

    Any color of looms (your choice) preferably 3 colors
    Loom Rack (I only used a small size with space at the center)
    Letters (you can buy this at any craft store)
    Keychain Holders
    Hook (I used my crochet hook)

    Rainbow Loom Keychain

    The first step is to insert 4 loom bands into the 4 letters of your choice. You can also make 3 letters.

    Second, get your rack. See to it that the one you are have four sides and spaces at the middle. As you can see from the above image, I've numbered the 4 sides. *Add your first loomband with a letter on number 1 and 2. Second loomband above the number 2 going to number 3. Third loomband over number 3 going to number 4. Last loomband is over number 4 then over the first loomband that we have on number 1.

    Rainbow Loom Keychain

    After the 4 loom bands the above image is the result.

    Rainbow Loom Keychain

    Repeat the process after you add the 3 colors of looms of your choice. So this is the result.

    Rainbow Loom Keychain

    After adding all 3 colors, **get your hook get the very first loom that you have added and put it over the number 1 side (as you can see on the image), there's 2 on each sides so you will be hooking 2 over each sides. Repeat the process until you reach the number 4 side.

    Rainbow Loom Keychain

    Add another loom which is black color (the color is the first loom that you have added on the rack). Note that every time you add another loom, the color that you will be adding is the one the you are getting from your hook. For this example, our first color is black and we just used our hook to get it over the number 1 side. As soon as you finish the 4 side you will then add the black color. Repeat the process at *. Then repeat the process ** the color that we are getting using our hook is color yellow (2nd color, see above image).

    Rainbow Loom Keychain

    Repeat the process * this time we are adding the second color which is color yellow.

    Rainbow Loom Keychain

    Then repeat **. The color that we are getting this time from the hook is the last color which is blue. So once you get used to the adding and getting looms from the hook, it is now your choice on how long would you like your keychains are.

    Rainbow Loom Key chain

    After you reached the desired length that you wanted for your keychain. Add 2 looms for number 1 and 2 then to number 3 and 4 separately.

    Rainbow Loom Key chain

    Get all the remaining looms over the looms that you have added to the 4 sides. Hook the loom from number 1 and put it over number 2 same goes to the other side, hook number 4 over to number 3.

    Rainbow Loom Key chain

    Add one loom to number 2 and 3 and hooked all looms to go over that new loom.

    Rainbow Loom Key chain

    Lock it.

    Rainbow Loom Key chain

    Add this circle chain for the keychain holder.

    Rainbow Loom Key chain

    And the keychain holder. 

    Rainbow Loom Key chain

    TADAAA!!! And you are done!!! You now have a super cute and personalized keychain. Go make one now.

    You can also watch the video tutorial here and don't forget to subscribe if you like TheParentingChannel's videos.

    'Till our next craft!

    Nheng <3

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