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    Friday, August 29, 2014

    My Favorite Blogs

    "Keep a daily diary of your dreams, goals, and accomplishments. If our life is worth living, it's worth recording."

    I was scanning through my twitter account when I saw my post dated 2012. It was the image of deactivated Tumblr account for almost two years I think. I was so sad that I regretted on taking it down, because I have so many blog post there (nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi though I still have a new Tumblr account). 

    deactivated tumblr
    Deactivated Tumblr Account
    One of the reasons that I deactivated it is because someone read it (and doesn't supposed to read it! hahaha). So I've learned my lessons that you shouldn't write anything personal about your feelings with someone and post it on your blog (unless there is privacy). I also have one with privacy which is Posterous. Sadly they shut it down last March 2012.

    Posterous Account
    I realized that I've been blogging for a very long time now. What I loved about it, is I have my own time, just thinking and jotting down things that I like or what I wanted to do. It helps me to bring out my feelings about something that I can't express in person. Also in this way, I have an outlet. Up to this point I didn't realize that I can write a full blog post.

    Going back, I usually look for blogs when I want to read some reviews for a product, a place, foods, some tips or some past time etc. 

    So today, I will show you what/who are my favorite blogs. These blogs inspired me to be good at what I am doing and help me learn new things.

    (in alphabetical order)

    1. www.crochethooksyou.com

    crochet hooks you
    crochet hooks you

    Crochet Hooks You is a blog about crochets and tutorials. I found most of my patterns here for my crochet projects like my tutorials here and here. Instructions are very easy to follow even if you are a beginner. You can also subscribe to her video tutorials.

    2. www.divinemlee.com

    Divine Lee's Blog

    Need I say more? I love Divine Lee! And her super down to earth attitude! Lalo na yung love nya for LGBT community? That is sooo admirable. Pinagtatanggol nya talaga ang mga beki! I always read from other bloggers that she is super nice! I hope to meet her in person. The highlights on her blog are about fashion, events, make ups etc. But my favorite is her reviews on red carpets, because she is soo funny!

    3. www.helplogger.blogspot.co.uk

    This blog is more on the technical side. I worked as a Web Support who handles websites, but I still have a lot to learn in terms of customization, SEO, designs etc. This blog helps me everything about Blogger. Plus the instructions are really easy, once you try it you feel like a pro. :)

    4. www.iamsuperbianca.com

    If you are living in the Philippines, you are familiar with Bianca Gonzalez. She is a Filipina TV Host and Model. Highlights on her blog are the 10 Things To Know (column on a local newspaper), her people of the year and her outreach programs. She embodies Filipina women with her morena skin, beautiful face and a good heart. I also find her intelligent.

    5. www.iheartorganizing.blogspot.co.uk

    I Heart Organizing
    I Heart Organizing
    I am a messy person! Ha Ha Ha! My wish to become organize is still on the process. So I am following this blog to get some tips on how to organize things. I loved her masking tape/washi tape ideas!

    6. www.israelmekaniko.tumblr.com

    Israel Mekaniko
    Israel Mekaniko
    He is like the counter part of Papa Jack & Bob Ong. But he is just like us, a normal person who voice out his thoughts about love and other things in a humor way. Very natural 'ika nga'. When I am reading his post I can't help but laugh because most of it are true.

    7. www.justbebexo.com

    What I loved about this girl is she is so good in braiding her own hair. I mean really! She is just awesome in terms of braiding and styling her own hair. Para syang may mata sa likod! I also loved her long shiny hair. If you are a self braider, you know that it is difficult to braid your own hair (nakakangalay kaya? :p). So she is my idol. I already tried most of the hairstyles and braids that she made so far. I also watched her tutorials on Youtube.

    8. www.lemondedesucrette.com

    Le Monde De Sucrette
    Le Monde De Sucrette
    Another crochet blog on my list. I loved her colorful designs on crochet. I also tried some of her patterns when I made a TV & DVD cover. She always have a well graphic instructed pattern on her own designs. There's still a lot of her patterns that I wish to make sometime in the future.

    9. www.realasianbeauty.com

    Real Asian Beauty
    Real Asian Beauty
    Kristine is a Filipina who loves to blog about her outfits, braids, nailarts, reviews and anything in between. What I loved about this girl is how brave she is in terms of facing her problems with her acne breakdown (yes I stalked her blog like that I hope she doesn't mind). I almost read all her post and have a lot of ideas. We have the same taste in DIY, Braids and I just loved her dresses! Oh and she loves KPOP too, she used it as an inspiration on some of her nail arts.

    10. www.ricaperalejo.ph

    Wanders & Wonders by Rica Peralejo
    Wanders & Wonders by Rica Peralejo
    And because I am a mom now this blog is included in my list. I've learned about her blog because she blogged about the wedding of one of my closest friend (Joy). Then, I eventually followed and read her blog. Her blog is very informative for moms and mostly for newbie moms like me. She writes about breastfeeding, traveling with your little one and many how to's. And of course I just loved Philip Bo, her super cute and adorable son.

    11. www.refashionista.net

    This woman have a very creative hands! She is really good in recreating large clothes from thrift stores. Everything is DIY and made by her. You should check her site. How I wish I have a sewing machine so I could also recreate some of my old clothes. Her motto: Refashion = Fashion Revisited, Repurposed, and Revitalized!".

    12. www.thebeautydepartment.com

    the beauty department
    The Beauty Department
    The Beauty Department is your daily dose of Beauty! The name says it all! Everything about hairs, makeups, tutorials, DIY, inspirations, obsessions. I think every girl should read this blog. I learned some tricks here on how to apply makeups and hairstyles.

    11. www.toksblog.com

    Toks Blog
    Amy is a model who blogs about her outfits. I loved all her clothes! I can all wear them! I blogged about her here.

    15. blog.triciagosingtian.com

    Tricia Will Go Places
    Tricia Will Go Places
    Lastly (but definitely not the least), is Tricia Gosingtian's blog. This girl is like a living doll. She also reminds me of Heart Evangelista. The highlights of her blog is her ootd's! Even though she is small and slim, clothes that she is wearing looked really good on her. Plus, she is really cute even if she always change her hair color.

    So that's it, those are my favorite blogs. Let me know if one of these are your favorite too!


    Nheng <3


    1. I'm a huge fan of the beauty department as well! They have such great tips!

      x Francesca of http://primpandpaper.blogspot.com/

    2. I, too, love Tricia Gosingtian's blog! I love it because she posts a lot of Japanese stuff. And she seems like a nice lady :)

      1. Yes she's so kawaii! Thanks' for dropping by Milet! :)

    3. I also love Kristine's blog. Her YT vids are enjoying to watch especially her nail art tutorials. And you're right about Israel's blog, that's why I keep on reading his posts.

      1. Yes, I too watched all her nail art tutorials!! Thanks for dropping by Elle! Your blog is lovely! :)

      2. Hi Elle! Aww, really? Thank you! Though these days, I don't upload nail videos... (sad) but I will make some soon! Thank you for watching them! <3

    4. Hi Nheng! Grabe, this post touched me ha! Minsan talaga akala ko walang nag babasa nung blog na ginagawa ko. Minsan kasi nag prepretend ako na kausap ko lang sarili ko. hehe. Grabe, nakakatuwa malaman yung iniisip niyo tungkol sa mga sinusulat at nilalagay ko dun. Maraming salamat! Nakaka touch naman na masama sa list na 'to. I love Divine Lee! Sana ma-meet mo siya in person. Napaka nice at sweet at walang ere. I love Tricia and TBD, too! <3

      1. Nabasa u na pala eto hehehe. Just keep it up Kristine! Your doing great! I always read your blog kaya. I met Divine Lee na! Sa Blogapalooza last Oct 11. She is soo nice! Kasi I asked for a picture at wala syang kagatol gatol na nagpaunlak hehehe.


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