Creative Things You Can Do with Your Baby’s Photos

Creative Things You Can Do with Your Baby’s Photos

In the first year alone, parents tend to take thousands of pictures of their little ones. I must admit I am one of those parents who don’t let a single day pass by and take as many pictures of my kids. But taking pictures has changed in this digital age. Nowadays, people will take pictures of their kids and post them on their social media accounts instead. We actually tend to forget all about it afterward. On the other hand, this digital age has a lot of benefits, we can take as many pictures as we can and print them instantly. Me, I still prefer having the kids’ pictures printed and arranged it on a photo-album. If you are like me who still goes with traditionally printing photos, there are several ways on how we can preserve our baby’s photos and we can enjoy them for a lifetime.

Here are some of the easy, affordable and creative things you can do with your baby’s photos.

DIY Photo Wall Art – Thinking of designing your baby’s room? This idea is the easiest yet creative one that you can make. I love this heart-shaped photo wall from Endlessly Inspired. The design possibilities are endless. All you need are printed pictures and double-sided tape.

Photo Scrapbook – A classic one to preserve those precious baby photos. Think of a scrapbook like storytelling. A story created only for your baby. You don’t need to be a great designer on this one. You can play around with using colored albums, washi tapes, stickers, etc. The number one rule is to be creative!

DIY Photo Magnets – It is so much fun to make photo magnets. Aside from preserving the photos, this is also a great souvenir for your baby’s birthday or baptismal. I made this easy DIY Magnet Invitation for my youngest daughter’s baptismal. 

Photo Bunting – Photo Bunting’s is usually used on celebrations. For an inexpensive birthday design, make one for your baby’s upcoming birthday. 

DIY Photobooth – And because we are talking about birthdays, make a special DIY Photobooth using pictures of your baby on their 1st birthday. 

I made this DIY Photobooth using the pictures of my twin boys on their first birthday.

Design your Jewelry Box with Pictures – If you are tired with your jewelry boxes, design it with your baby’s photos. I made one like this a few years ago. You can check it out here. All you need is a box, printed pictures, and washi tapes.

Photo Puzzles – Photo puzzles are one great unique gift idea that you create on your own. It’s a bit complicated at first but once you have the necessary materials needed, you’ll have fun making this.

Photo Book – If you are not artsy enough, having a printed photo-book might be an option. There a lot of recommended photo-book online that you can customize and design easily. Check out PhotoBook Philippines or Storybook PH.

Photo Blankets & Photo Pillows – A great memorabilia for the whole family! Turn that favorite baby photos into something economical and useful. There are several online stores that offer this kind of service. You’ll just have to provide them with your pictures.

Revamp your furniture with pictures – Getting tired of your old furniture? If you have a scratch coffee table, cover it with beveled glass and slip it your baby’s/family’s photos. I love this budget idea from The Budget Decorator.

Challenge yourself and make these creative things to do with your baby’s photos. Doing something this fun is also a great way to bond with your family members. How about you? How do you keep your baby’s photos?

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