Mother's Day Out with Beko PH

We moms sometimes forget to pamper ourselves with all the responsibilities we need to juggle. One day celebration of Mother's Day is not enough but I am appreciative with all the promos and events everywhere recognizing the sacrifices of us moms. In celebration of Mother’s Day, Beko, the Official Partner of the Everyday, honors the hard work, compassion, and dedication of mothers towards their families through fun activities during its “Mother’s Day Out” event at the Activity Center of Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City, from May 10 to 12. 

mother's day out - Beko PH

I attended the first day last May 10 when I experienced free make-up sessions and tutorials, cooking demo from Celebrity Chef Gerick Manalo, food tasting, coffee and pastries, as well as special prizes for participating in a contest.

beko ph - mother's day out - free makeup session
Kilays on fleek! :) Thank you for the FREE makeup session Beko PH!

To promote the importance of personal time, the program also showcases Beko home appliances’ advanced technologies designed to assist mothers by optimizing time spent on house duties. By cutting the hours spent on dealing with everyday challenges, moms can focus on more important things, like having time for themselves or spending more quality bonding time with their family and loved ones. 

Beko’s innovative features, carried by their washers, refrigerators, and ovens, not only offer solutions that boost productivity and efficiency but also, pays tribute to the incomparable qualities of mothers.


The Beko Frontload Washers will help mothers diminish the time it takes to finish a week's worth of dirty clothes by properly sorting and washing it. It has “Xpress Super Short” a 14-minute cycle that is suitable for lightly soiled small load of laundry up to 2kg. With a full load of laundry, “Daily Express” will finish the job in just 28 minutes cycle at 30⁰C; while the “GentleCare 20⁰™” copies the tender hands of a mother to lightly yet effectively wash delicate clothes; all of this special wash programs and more in just one machine.

beko ph refrigerators


Beko’s “Everfresh+®” in their refrigerators’ special crisper compartment preserves the storage life of fruits and vegetables by controlling the precise humidity, reducing condensation and minimizing temperature variations inside so fruit and vegetables stay crisp and fresher up to 30days; while “Active Fresh Blue Light™” technologies protects the Vitamin C intensity keeping its natural flavor and nutrition intact. 


The “Split and Cook" oven has the technology that mimics the multitasking capabilities of mothers by providing more spaces to cook two different meals with different temperature needs and durations at the same time in one single cavity oven. This Free Standing Cooker’s top stove uses gas while the bottom oven is electric, with two fans at the back to provide accurate cooking results. 

beko ph - mother's day out

Beko acknowledges the different roles mothers provide to their families, acting as the light of Filipino home, the gentle manager, the provider of healthy and delicious meals, and the director of proper compartmentalizing. As the Official Partner of The Everyday, Beko has installed features to partner with mothers to complete everyday household responsibilities, so that they may have longer meaningful time for themselves and their loved ones.

To learn more about Beko and the technologies in their appliances, visit their website at or follow them on their Facebook page:

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