Hapee Kiddie School Caravan with Renowned Puppeteer Wanlu

I never have nice teeth. It is one of my insecurities growing up. Then I started wearing braces after college. It didn't end there, when the braces were removed, I got lazy to wear retainers. So I am starting again from scratch. Blame it on me. Now that I have kids, I want to teach them the importance of having nice and clean teeth. Buti na lang namana nila ngipin ng tatay nila! :) We just had our yearly teeth check-ups last week and the kids are doing well in terms of going to the dentist and having their teeth checked and cleaned.

It is vital for young kids to start having their teeth brushed properly and regularly. It's good for them to see tooth brushing as part of their daily routine that helps remove the bacteria and plaque that cause cavities. According to the Department of Health, 92.4% of Filipinos have cavities. What is more alarming is that 97% of Filipino children suffer from them too.

Brushing our teeth has become such a usual part of everyone’s daily routine that we often forget the importance of doing it properly. Like most things, it’s better to do them right as young as possible. That is why Hapee Kiddie launched their Choose to be Hapee with Hapee Kiddie school caravan with the goal of teaching our kids how to properly brush their teeth. With the tour’s unique and informative approach to teaching oral care, it showed the children that brush time need not be as dull.


One creative way of educating children about their oral care is through a puppet show, led by renowned ventriloquist, Wanlu and his trusty puppets, Nicolo and Hapee, where they further educated the students with their witty yet informative banter. 

“Every moment in the caravan was memorable to me. The kids were even hugging the puppets after the show, especially Hapee. I think puppeteering really is a more creative and effective way of communicating with the children. In fact, you can see in the faces of the children that they really understand what’s happening and what the puppet is talking about because they react to what the puppet tells them,” shared Wanlu, who recently won the Ventriloquist of the Year in Asia awarded by the US-based International Ventriloquist Association.


Kids were taught how to properly brush their teeth through fun demonstrations. Through the Hapee Kiddie Toothy Tale videos, they learned to brush three times a day using a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and then brush for two minutes with circular motions. They then tested their newly-acquired knowledge with engaging games, where they were able to nab prizes!

Choose to be Hapee with Hapee Kiddie school caravan tours all across Metro Manila, bringing joy and spreading happiness to nearly 4,000 young kids aged 5 to 7 years old in 15 public and private schools.

To find out more about Hapee Kiddie activities and updates, visit Hapee Kiddie’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HapeeKiddiePH.

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