On Love & Relationships: Dating & Relationship Advice

On Love & Relationships: Dating & Relationship Advice

I've been to a lot of heartaches before finding that right person, the father of my children. I've also done a lot of mistakes in terms of love. I've been fooled thinking it was love, been cheated, given false hopes, no labels with mutual feelings, I could go on and on. I was never proud of those heartaches but if you come to think of it, it made me a stronger woman now.

Finding that perfect one, the love of your life is not as easy as 1-2-3. But you should never be discouraged or never take risk into dating someone. Regardless of whether you've been failed more than once or have a poor reputation with regards to dating, these tips can assist you with keeping things in context and put you on the way to finding an adoring relationship that will definitely last.

I don't consider myself expert in terms of dating but I hope these advice will somehow guide you thru that relationship you've been wanting.

Focus On Keeping Yourself Happy

And you know what's next is everything will follow. Keep your life at balance and don't just focus on dating alone. Besides, you'll be more interesting to someone who focuses on living her life and not depending to anyone else.

First Impressions Last But Not Always The Case

It always takes time to really know someone. Experience first being with someone in different situations and you'll figure out if you really want to be with that person if they are frustrated, hungry or stress out. They always say that, you'll know a person more if you live with him/her under one roof.

Be honest with your flaws

We all have flaws and to have that healthy and long relationship that last, a person should accept all your shortcomings and will help to lift you up in times needed. It might not be seen at the first time of dating but this would lead to an honest and fruitful relationship moving forward.

Pay Attention

It is not always about us. Learn to listen and show interest about your date. In that way, you'll get to know the person more. Or maybe, just maybe you'll find that person more interesting by listening to him/her.

No Gadgets Please!

By paying attention, you don't want to be distracted by looking at your phone every minute. 

On Love & Relationships: Dating & Relationship Advice

Be Adventurous & Have Fun!

This is where taking risk takes place. If you are a person who is more likely would like to meet new people outside your circle, go for online dating. There are sites that are totally free. Why pay for dating right? A dating website is adventurous and enjoyable to some people who are seeking for love. Besides, it will not hurt to be online (we are already on 2018 people!) and sign up on those free dating sites with a lot of options. Going thru an online dating is advantageous for individuals interested in partners of a particular type, orientation, lifestyle, or in isolated areas. Some sites also offer matchmaking tests that will match your personality. It is by far more convenient too to those people who are always busy and don't have time to go on a date anymore.

Make your focus by having fun! Look for activities that will give you an opportunity to expand your inner circle. By participating on these events or activities, you might find not just love but a new friendship as well.

Accept Rejections

You know the quote, "Try and try until you succeed". Rejections is part of dating and looking for the right relationship with someone. Everyone is going to deal with rejections. It's going to be hard but we must learn to accept it. Love is not forcing someone to love us, right? Be true and kind to yourself.

Nurture The Relationship

If you already found the one or decided to finally commit, nurture the relationship. Learn to invest on each other in order for the both of you grow. Communicate everyday, talk over differences, enjoy doing things together, and be open to change.

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