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I love tea as much as I love coffee! But I always consume coffee at home especially at work because it's free! When I was in Malaysia for 5 months, I enjoyed their Teh Tarik and that's when I started to love teas. And milk tea is one of my favorites. Milk Tea outlets have been sprouting everywhere here in the Philippines. There are a lot of varieties to choose from. One of these is Chatime. Chatime originated from Taiwan. 

When we had a Meet & Greet with Kristine at the Trinoma Mall, she wanted to eat at Chatime to try their Pepper Salt Chicken Shots. I'd never heard that they also offer this and rice. But the one in Trinoma branch doesn't offer it. 

I love their interiors with pictures on the wall of some quotes.

And the purple chairs added to the vibe.

Image from Real Asian Beauty Blog

Image from Kristine

We can't resist having our pictures taken at their cute sofa.

We ordered for 3 Wintermelon Teas. At first I thought how different the color is from other Wintermelon Teas that I've tasted but you just have to shake it well so it will mix the milk part at the top. I love Wintermelon Tea version from Infinitea because it's close to the taste of Teh Tarik. Now the one at Chatime is also yummy and will be an additional to my favorites! A cup will costs not more than Php 100 and you will just add Php15 - Php25 for the additional toppings. I also loved their Chocolate Mousse but not so with the Taro Pudding Milk Tea just because I am curious. :p

Ground Floor
Trinoma Mall

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