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My relationship with change have been constant. Sometimes I will say that life is unfair because my plans will not turned out as what I had planned it to be. Dealing with change is also a struggle when there are things that are unexpected. Again, it is not easy. But what I will always say, I don't have the right to complain thus just be happy and contented with my life. Though sometimes I can't control my feelings. I can't be happy when I am sad. I can't be rested when I feel exhausted. I might always say that I can just go with the flow with the changes, it still hard to cope with the things that you are used to. And I just keep telling myself that this is a great opportunity to test my capability, my strength and my patience. 

  • Twins

A year ago, I've given birth to two adorable kids that will totally change my life forever. Before I had them, I am living my life to the fullest! I am working just to sustain all the things that I wanted. I will go out of town with friends. I will go shopping every payday. Then I had them unexpectedly and without plans. At first I was so afraid, first because I am pregnant not just one but two babies. Second, I am not financially stable. Third, I still have a lot of plans that I haven't been accomplished. But when I finally given birth to them, everything changes. My worries are gone, my directions in life are clear, my moments are never dull and so on and so forth. There are a lot of things that I can say and still go on and on that words can't express it enough. 

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  • Work
I've been working in a Call Center Industry for more than 7 years. Its not the dream job that I wanted, but I learned to accept and love it. I am a graduate of Mass-communication major in Broadcasting. It's not really far with my course but I always wanted to work on a Tv Production. When I graduated from college last 2007, I started to look for a job because I wanted to help my mother pay the bills. That is the year when the call center industries in the Phillippines started to bloom. I had a choice not to accept the first job that I was hired from but I was really excited to start working right away. From that day onward, I can't escape from it. I found a comfort zone from my first job even if the work hours are difficult. You get to sleep at day and be an owl at night. I lasted there for almost 4 years. I took a risk and resigned and went to Malaysia to try my luck, but after 5 months I went home and immediately after 2 weeks I had another job. This time the job is a little bit difficult because we are dealing with customers who have their Mortgage and we are the one who will collect their debts. I lasted there for just a year. The company were transferred to Mandaluyong where it was difficult for me in terms of commuting. It will take me at-least 2 hours to go to work. Then I had this sales job that is so near our house. The travel will just take me 15 minutes. I am not really a sales person though I am sometimes talkative. In short I didn't last there for 2 months and looked for another job. Luckily my previous workmate from my first company referred me to my work now. It was a blessing in disguise. It was far from my previous jobs before when I had to take a lot of calls. Now, I am presently learning more about Photoshop's and websites. That is also the one reason why I started to blog. Presently, there is another change at work. We had a training last week and after being on a morning schedule I will soon transfer to a mid shift schedule. How do I accept it? Easy, I still want to do this job. I'd never loved a job as if I am not working at all!
  • Financial
Honestly, until now this is the one thing that we are still struggling with. When I was single I really don't care how much I spent or how much I earned. All I wanted to do is work so I can buy things that I like, I can go places that I want, I can pay the bills and so on. But when I've became a mom, every penny counts. I learned to budget all the money that is going away. I learned to list things that we are going to buy, gets crafty and creative to minimize spending. And you will be surprised on the things that you can actually do. I learned to be a minimalist. I controlled myself to spending too much and buying things that I don't really need. I prioritize the things that my kid's needed. I learned to accept it, move on and do things that I can work on for our budget. Now I can say that we don't have a lot of savings and still coping up with a lot of expenses. Especially having twins is financially draining. But I am proud to say that we still save. It's not a lot but we are trying to reach our goal little by little.

I am still afraid of changes but I want to be more optimistic. When we planned the things that we wanted and didn't turned out well, we will get disappointed. But when you looked at it, you will soon realized that it's not bad after all. In fact, it's an adventure knowing that we don't know what will happen next. See change as an opportunity. And that's what makes life more interesting!

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