I hope we can cure all cancers! *sigh* I've been planning on making a surprise video for mom for her operation on Friday. My mom was diagnosed of Breast Cancer last January 2015. And tomorrow she will have her operation to remove the 2 cm tumor on her breast. The operation will be in Malaysia. It was just so sad that we are not there for her. So I've messaged all her friends, our family from Cagayan and some friends to send me a pic holding a message for her. This is just a simple gesture to let her know that she is not alone on fighting this disease. That we are all here for her. I don't have enough time to collect all the pictures because I wanted to publish the video before her operation. Gladly, I was still able to finished the slideshow video. 

I hope she will enjoy watching the video as much as I enjoyed doing it for her. We love you Mama! Lets Beat That Cancer!

*The funny thing is I already posted the video and then mom can't view it at the hospital so in the end, I need to post the pictures on an album so she can see it. #epicfail But I do hope she can view it after her operation.

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