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Happy New Year everyone! How was your day so far for 2015? Me it's kinda ok but makes it more special because I am with my kids. You know when I was single I don't really celebrate New Year that much. For almost 5 years on being a call center agent, we don't have any holiday off for Christmas and New Year. So I was really really thankful when I got this present job two years ago where they have holiday offs for special occasions. It's really different when you have kids, you just want to spend the rest of your days with them. 

Nothing much really happened last 2014. Having two kids to raise, bills to pay, jobs to accomplished, I don't really have time for travels and other stuff. There's also a lot of difficulties that we faced especially for finances. We only have one income generated in our family and its only break even. But the good thing and sensational thing about this is we have enough for a living and it can support my family. So I can't complain. I am still blessed. 

With that being said let me show you what are the highlights of my 2014.


I've given birth to two wonderful boys! Meet my twins! And it's their birth month! I am now on a preparation for their small intimate birthday celebration.

JUNE 2014

Nheng's Wonderland was born. I'd never thought that I will come this far from my very first blog post where I just wanted to have an outlet on all the crazy things that I am doing.


September 2014

My first ever truck experience during the typhoon Mario.


Blogapalooza 2014, my very first blog event. Blogging for 3 months back then, I was already invited to an event! Yay! And I've met wonderful bloggers along the way.


Meet and Greet with America's Next Top Model All Stars Runner Up Allison Harvard. Got a chance to meet one of my idols from the longest running model series. I was so lucky to be one of the chosen bloggers to attend the said event. I am really loving this blog thing. :)


Sad thing before the year ends, we lost someone dearly.

Then the next day was My Twins' Baptismal

And lastly most of the highlights of my 2014 are spending time with my twins. Discovering their individuality, cuteness & personalities. Nothing beats that. For this year, I hope we get a chance to travel with the kids. Or maybe go to some places not far. So we need to save save save! I hope I can still handle my online shop for extra income. Excited for the kids to learn to walk this year. And we are claiming for a happy, healthy and contented life this 2015!

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