Nuffnang & Cadbury's Movie Premiere: The Mockingjay Part I

Nuffnang & Cadbury's Movie Premiere: The Mockingjay Part I

I was one of the lucky winners of 3 tickets to The Mockingjay Part I of Cadbury's Sweet Endings and Nuffnang's Contest at Shangrila Cineplex. It was definitely a treat for me and my partner where we don't have time anymore to watch movies. At the very last minute, I was glad that Kuya Jesie (my college theater friend) was able to come along.

It was my first time to attend a Nuffnang's Movie Premiere. The last special movie premiere that I attended was for the movie The Breaking Dawn where we had a lot of freebies! So I was very excited for this because I am assuming that there will be raffles and prizes! Yey! Aside from that I am also excited to watch The Mockingjay (I finished all the books via ebook and watched the movies too) with Jennifer Lawrence who reprises her role as Katniss Everdeen.

We got there a little early and no people yet. The registration started at 8:00 pm. 

Nuffnang & Cadbury's Movie Premiere: The Mockingjay Part I

Nuffnang & Cadbury's Movie Premiere: The Mockingjay Part I

Nuffnang & Cadbury's Movie Premiere: The Mockingjay Part I

As the registration started, we were asked to show our ID's and looked for our name and looked for an available seating. After that they gave me 3 ticket stubs, food stubs and 3 yellow notes for Cadbury where we need to show after the movie for our chocolates.

The food stub consists of one serving of Popcorn Tumbler with a choice of Butter, BBQ and Sour Cream flavors, one serving of 16 oz beverage with a choice of Nestea, Lemonade of Softdrinks. 

The premiere started with a program at 9:00 pm with games & raffles. They had a "Bring Me" game where the host asked for things to bring in front. I wanted to join but we were seated a little bit far from the back and you need to run just to go in front. Sayang! Ha Ha Ha. Isang box din ng chocolates yun at 500 GC. Too bad pati sa raffles hindi kame nanalo. Well it was ok the movie alone was a great prize. 

There was also a contest for the bloggers where you need to write about the new flavors of Cadbury, French Vanilla & Chocolatte Mousse where you could win an Ipad Mini. Aside from that is their contest for the Cadbury Sweet Endings of their commercial where you could win a Barkada trip to Boracay! Awesome right?

How about the movie? Well, Jennifer Lawrence was still awesome though all of the time she was crying in the movie because the game really did change her. I was still hoping for a lot of actions and it was really "bitin" because they split the movie into two. 

Nuffnang & Cadbury's Movie Premiere: The Mockingjay Part I

Too bad that I was not able to get my free printout photo when you share a photo of you at the premiere through your Instagram account after the movie. But overall we had a great time and went home very happy because we got to have one box of chocolates each.

Thank you Nuffnang Philippines and Cadbury Philippines for this wonderful treat! I hope this is not the last!

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