My Holiday Survival Kit

My Holiday Survival Kit

After today's shift it will be the start of my Holiday off from work! So cool right? Means I will have a lot of time to celebrate with my kids, friends and families. But with all the hassle on looking for gifts, traffics, and busy schedules all we need is a Holiday Survival Kit. Now let me show you my list of must haves.

1.  Cupcake

      With all the busy schedules that we have because of the upcoming Holiday season, we need to take it slow and enjoy the celebration. And a cupcake is a good way to put all the worries away. Why not? It's sweet and deliciously sinful! Perfect for Christmas!

2.Red Lipstick

This time of the year is also the perfect date for reunions with friends and parties here and there! And I will never get out of the house without my red lipstick on.

3. Hot Coffee

Need I say more? So perfect for this weather. 

4.  Camera

Holiday will not be complete if we don't capture it.

5.  Planner

As a mom, you need to juggle with a lot of task. So a planner is a must to help me schedule all our activities and make use of the time wisely.

Now I already have my list of Holiday Survival Kit. How about my man? Do you agree with me that its sometimes difficult to find the right gift for him? In my case, my partner is a low maintenance man. He is ok with anything so its really hard to look for a best gift for him. Then I found out about Man Crates

Man Crates is a website where they sends your guy a themed gift with your choice. But what's awesome about it? They sealed it on a crowbar and let your man opens it. So manly right? All their crates comes from a high five guarantee. 

Man Crates
Man Crates

We say 'no' to ugly neckties, cologne samplers and executive trinkets. We don't save wrapping paper, we don't do ribbons. We ship bragworthy gifts for guys. Gifts that you can't wait to arrive because you know the recipient will love opening them. Gifts that people gather round at the office, people following the sounds of wood being torn from wood by the included, laser-engraved crowbar. We are Man Crates, and we deliver awesome gifts for men.

So head over to their website and pick the best gift for your man and survive the Holiday rush! So what's in your Holiday Survival Kit?

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