Mr Kimbob's Bibimbap

I've been craving for Bibimbap since my last post here. So while waiting for my date one Friday after work, I ordered one Bibimbap from Mr Kimbob's. 

Bibimbob (or traditionally called Bibimbap) is a korean dish that is served on a hot platter. Ingredients are carrots, kimchi and other vegetables with rice on the center, sunny side up on top, with a portion of beef or pork of your choice. While hot you need to mix all the ingredients together. And so dumb of me that I forgot to add the Gochujang sauce! >.<

Well it's still taste ok but maybe if I add the sauce it will have a different appeal to me. One Bibimbap costs P99.00 pesos.

Mr Kimbob
3rd Floor, Foodcourt
Gateway, Araneta Center

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