Cluster Crochet Beanie

Ovarian cancer is a disease that can disrupt the normal function of the ovaries. If it’s left unchecked, it can affect other parts of the body too. Ovarian cancer occurs when abnormal cells within the ovary start to multiply, creating a tumour. But it’s important to note that not all tumours are cancerous. Non-cancerous tumours are called benign tumours. 

This means they don’t usually spread to other parts of the body. They may need treatment but they’re rarely life threatening. Malignant ovarian tumours are cancerous and can be life threatening.

It was a sad news that my auntie was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage 1C G3. Until now she is undergoing chemotherapy for a possible cure of this deadly disease. My mom was one of the person who is worried the most because she is far away from her sister and can't do anything but partially help for the finances. But its not enough, we still need to continue to pray for her recovery and hoping that she will be well in the next coming days. We are still praying for the miracles.

In line with this, I decided to make a Cluster Crochet Beanie for my Auntie. It's a small thing but I know that she will appreciate it. I just want her to know that we are here for her and that we love her. Once finish, I will send this to our province.

What You'll Need:

Hook: 5.00 mm
Yarns: Light Violet, Dark Violet, White and Light Blue

0-6 months – stop increasing after round 2
6-12 months stop increasing after round 2 and add one more row of clusters before starting the rim.
and for 0 – 12 months you will have 36 sts and 12 clusters
1-3 years stop increasing after round 3
for years 1-3 you should have 48 sts and 16 clusters
4 years old to adults – size follow the pattern from start to end
you should have 60 sts and 20 clusters


* Ch4 sl st into beginning ch to form a ring
* Ch2 + 11 dc

* R1- ch2 + 2 dc in next st + 1 dc into next + repeat = 24 sts
* R2- ch2 + 2 dc in next st + 1 dc into next + repeat = 36 sts

* R3- ch2 + 2 dc in next st + 1 dc in 2 sts + repeat = 48 sts

* R4- ch2 + 2 dc in next st + 1 dc in 3 sts + repeat = 60 sts

My cute photo-bomber!

* R5- ch2 + make 2 half dc in 1 st, a total of 6 half dc + 1 pull altogether the 7 loops that was on the hook to make the 1st cluster. ch2 = 20 clusters. sl st into loop you pulled up at the beginning if the round


* R6- make a sc on all the rounds

4 rows of clusters

* R7- Repeat R5 & R6 until you complete 4 rows of clusters

* Change color. ch1. make a sc on all the rounds
* Ch1. sc to the next st on the back loop only on all the rounds. Repeat until the length you desire. 
* To finish it off, after the sl st from the last round, sc to the next st, ch1, sc to the same st, *sc to the next 2nd st, ch1, sc to the same st. Repeat *
(should have been *sc to the next 2nd st (skip the first next st) ch1, sc to the same st. Repeat *

The final result of the Cluster Crochet Beanie

I think the size of it was small so I made a bigger one with the white color yarn.

I followed the video tutorial and write the instructions from the video below but I think I didn't get the last round correctly but it looks ok though:

And you can also check her whole pattern here.

This is for you auntie. Please be strong and we are always here for you. If you want to donate to help for the chemo of my Auntie please click here. Thank you in advance any amount is a great help for her. And please include her in your prayers.

"to lighten the burdens of illness, provide support, and empower the spirit to overcome"

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