My September 2014 #OOTD Collection


As much as I want to post and blog my OOTD's, time is consuming me. We have a lot of training going on at work and while I'm at home I have two kids that needs my attention. In short I am very busy. (weee?)

So I just decided to have them all on one post. He He He. Here are the collection of our OOTD for the month of September. With me is my office mate Abby, we tripped that we will wear the same clothes. Like we are having our theme days.

Most of my clothes are from bazaars and from my mom. I really believe that you don't need to break your bank just to be fashionable. And I don't really follow trends. It's always a must that I am comfortable on what I am wearing.

silver necklace

I loved ensemble pieces like this gray shirt. It will never ran out of style and you can partner it with anything like shorts, pants, skirts etc. The necklace that I am wearing is a gift from my mom's friend. I loved this necklace because it is not heavy and really looks expensive.

black embroidered blouse

You can never go wrong with black blouses.

black blouse

Bonita Bag and Shoes

black embroidered blouse

My mom gave me this blouse. It has embroidered flower details and white lace inside.

bandage skirt

More details of my blouse
Gray Bandage Skirt that I bought years ago in St Francis Square

Embroidered Flower

Bonita Shoes
Bonita Shoes
This shoes are a gift from mom.


orange chiffon skirt with long back

I loved how summer this skirt feels!



One of my favorites is this skirt. I bought it at Robinson's Metro East for only P150 pesos! And a staple white shirt that every girl should have because you can partner it with anything. My super used jelly wedge sandals which I have for years now.

polka dot skirt
with my ootd partner Abby

polka dot skirt

I've purchased my watch from EBAY and my arm candy is from a friend

peacock necklace

Peacock necklace which is from my online store. I still have a lot of different designs.

So there it is! I hope you enjoyed reading this OOTD post!

'Till next time!


Nheng <3

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