My Most Used Free Apps on Iphone

"Nowadays, Social Media is the easiest place to find something." - David Nail

So here are my most used free apps on Iphone.

1. Photography

Don't judge! I have a lot! He He He. I love editing pictures. I always used it for easy borders and filters especially on my twins' pictures. Because I am printing and adding their images on an album and no need for scrapbooking materials.

* PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio
PicsArt Photo Studio
PicsArt - where everyone becomes a great artist! So true, for me this is much easier to use than Photoshop apps on a smartphone. It has a wide variety on editing like stickers, shape mask, blurry effects, collage, filters etc.

* VSCO Cam

I feel like a pro on taking pictures whenever I used this app. I loved the filters and the tools on how you can enhance your images

Here is one example of a pic that I enhanced using VSCO Cam. It helps the image to emphasize the yummyness of a food.

* Instamag, Pic Collage, Insta Picframes, FotoRusPicPlayPost

Photography Apps
Photography Apps
These are the apps that I used when I'm doing collages especially when I am posting on Instagram.

2. Organizing

* Planner S (Social Diary)

Planner S
Planner S
An scheduler app with lots of cool stickers and backgrounds that will suit your mood. It also have a reminder on important dates. You can also view it by day or monthly.

* Hinakko Expense

Hinakko Expense
Hinakko Expense

Really cute kawaii finance tracker. Simple and easy to use.

* Period Diary

Helps me track my period with signs that is easy to understand.

* My Baby Today / Babycenter App

My Baby Today / Babycenter App
My Baby Today / Babycenter App

Helpful checklist for my babies. There are a lots of tips everyday and monthly developments for your babies as they grow.

3. Social Media

Aside from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram etc below are my favorites:

* Pinterest

Pinning my future crafts, diy, references for interior designs, makeups, nail arts etc. So many ideas here and great pictures too!

* StumbleUpon

Like Pinterest, Stumbleupon is one of my favorite app to discover new things. It filters your interest so its stumble on the things that you like. 

4. Games

* Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference
Spot the Difference
The only game app that I am playing on my Smartphone. I am not really into games. This app reminds me of my college days, my college friends used to play this on an arcade at SM Centerpoint.

5. Music

* Spotify

The only music app that I enjoyed! You can create your own playlist and share it with others. I loved how I discover new music using this app. The only downside is that I can only used it when I have an internet connection.

So there, when I am not in the office or if my twins are asleep these are the apps that keeps me busy most of the time. How about you?


Nheng <3

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