"Being creative is not a hobby it is a way of life."

In line with our UKPS week (June 16-20, 2014), we have a set of activities everyday at work. This help us (associates) to become more creative (hahaha good luck to me). There will be prices for the winner on every category and our awarding is on Saturday (June 21, 2014).

My office mates. Look for me! :)
(Image was grabbed from my office mate)

For Monday it's Logo making for our Line of Business.

(Image grabbed from my office mate)

There are no criteria's just make whatever you feels like. Here is what I have done.

(my work! hehehe)

Because I am not really a pro in using Photoshop, I searched for a good font (whatthefont & Dafont are very useful) on how my logo will look like. I made a concept that the letter 'K' and 'P' are joined together to form one letter (aha! talking about being creative). Then I just added the letter 'U' and 'S' on a different font. Using pen tool, I recreated shapes for objects that describes our work like pc, headset, growth, phones and so on. Added it  on a circle shape to look like a globe (still following? :p ). Lastly, get a font at the bottom part for the name 'UK Product Support'. I just want my masterpiece on a black & white color and it looks like it was made by a kid! (I told you I'm not really good at this)

(This image grabbed from my officemate)

Tuesday is Face Paint Day! I don't have talent on this. But I will let you look on my co-worker's work. I really admired people who can do this. I can only do make up on my face! Hehehe. The winner will depend on the number of votes from us.

There should be one model and one artist for the entry. Here are the models with our boss.
(Image grabbed from my office mate)

Wednesday is for Design Relay, I didn't join this one because it's per team and only one person will do it. And Yuniza (my co worker) will do it any way. :)

(Image was grabbed from my office mate)

Thursday is Luau Day! I only wore a dress with flowers accentuated with flower headband that I used as a pony on my hair.

(Image was grabbed from my office mate)

How I wish I can still wear the costume that I had before! Take a look!

The one on the left is me 4 years ago with Nice.

And lastly for Friday is design your shades day. 

(Image was grabbed from my office mate)

I made a DIY custom sunglasses. It's very easy to do. First gather all the materials that you will need.

Materials you will need

  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Stick
  • Old Sunglasses (I bought mine for PHP50, an old one will work as well)
  • Old Scrapbook Materials (I bought mine at a bookstore but if you have old buttons, stickers, glitters that will do to)
  • Old pearls from a bracelet (you can also buy in any tiangges worth PHP10)

Then you just need to come up with your own designs. I saw a lot of beautiful custom sunglasses on Pinterest. I decided to have my sunglasses with pearls & a small bear. Just use the glue gun with glue stick to stick the designs on your sunglasses and make sure that you will put the pearls as soon as you add the glue because it will dry fast.

Here is the outcome

You can still add more glitters or small beads at the lower part of the sunglasses but I wanted mine to be this simple

Cute little bear. :)

There are no winners yet, will update here soon for that. :)

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