What ‘Progressive’ Schooling Really Means for Britesparks International School

What ‘Progressive’ Schooling Really Means for Britesparks International School

"Progressive" connotes that something is more current, preferred adjusted to the circumstances over whatever it is being looked at against. Nowadays, sending children to a "progressive school", naturally, is something a few parents may in any case be reluctant to subscribe to, given that the term may influence it to seem like some craze technique. Why, all things considered, would a parent like me take a risk with another approach, when we experienced a more traditional setup, and we actually turned out pretty well? 

Britesparks International School

In Britesparks International School (BIS), one of the pioneer progressive schools in the nation, "progressive" is something other than surrendering traditional practices for oddity: the acknowledgment of that education must adjust to the circumstances, must advance nearby the general public it is getting ready kids to enter later on.

“A traditional setup will not digest that some children may be naturally gifted in some aspects, and not as gifted in others. But there has to be a place that can see that potential in children, and that is Britesparks,” said Veronica Co, School President of BIS.

Britesparks International School

At the point when BIS opened in 2000, it was not yet the entire establishment it is today. The establishment started as a preschool for skilled youngsters, the first of its kind with the drive to oblige and incorporate understudies with extraordinary needs in their standard classes.


Today, BIS acknowledges preschool to senior secondary school understudies, with its subject educational module following different nearby and universal instruction guidelines: its Math and English are steady with Common Core, an arrangement of showing models utilized as a part of more than forty states in the US; its Science, ICT, Art and Music, and even French educational program are predictable with different other worldwide school norms; and its Social Studies and Filipino techniques completely consent to DepEd principles. 

Britesparks International School

Consistent with its dynamic nature, be that as it may, BIS does not just stop there: the establishment perceives the tremendous estimation of a tyke's social advancement, which must happen close by his scholarly improvement. 

The concentration of the school's strategies is on the tyke, not the instructor: youngsters learn through understanding, teaming up through an extensive variety of always refreshed exercises and undertakings which may cover various subjects at once, steady with the interconnectedness with which we process data around us today; a gathering venture about cooking sustenance can be an English, a Science, and a History lesson, all in the meantime, and also a subtler bump toward the advantages of cooperating for something considerably more hard to accomplish by one's solitary. 

Britesparks International School

At the point when taken with regards to the school's comprehensive approach, it is no big surprise that BIS understudies develop to be more tolerant and less biased of everyone around them.

“I’m proud of the fact that our students do not discriminate or bully those who are special. It’s really different; the children are so well-rounded and enlightened at times, you’ll be surprised,” said Co.

“Progressive” might sound vague, but go back to its roots—just like BIS, in all its approaches, has always anchored itself on its long-standing policies of inclusiveness and experiential learning—and we find a more concrete term, one that every parent wants in their child: progress.

This is something BIS aims to deliver in all aspects, to ensure that the children of today grow into individuals fully prepared to face the challenges of the present and the future.

Britesparks International School classes start on August 1. For more information, visit www.britesparks.edu.ph or contact (02) 966-8120.

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