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    Monday, March 7, 2016

    Townhouse Progress Report: Temporary Fence

    Townhouse Progress Report: Temporary Fence

    Hello, here is another post for the progress on our townhouse. As day gets by, I am already worried with the expenses for the renovations. Really, having a house is financially draining, so every penny counts. Last week, we already scheduled the installment of the the electricity and water. There was a slight problem with the wirings, nakuha na daw ng previous contractor. Ayan tayo eh! Though they advised my partner that they will make a way to have it installed. They said that they will have it done today and I will have my partner inspect it on Saturday. Anyway, I decided to have a temporary fence. If you've been reading my progress report, my neighbors are very inconsiderate even if they already knew that we visit the townhouse more often now, magsasampay pa rin sila sa tapat ng bahay. Well, ayokong makipagdiskusyon sa kanila so I told my partner to make a temporary fence because if they go beyond that, trespassing na yun! This is temporary lang, because my mom wanted to extend the house pero hindi pa ngayon (more money please!). I checked my pins from Pinterest where I collected my pegs for a small garden sana. And here are some of my pegs.

    I wanted a cyclone wire with a small gate. 

    Google Image

    Sobrang simple kasi aside from I am on a budget, I wanted to have a mini garden like a vertical garden where you don't need a large place for gardening. I wanted something like the below picture where I can recycle bottles that can be use as pots.

    Google Image

    Or something like this if I can.

    Google Image

    And here is how it looks like now. My partner made all the work together with his cousin.

    Townhouse Progress Report: Temporary Fence

    The gate is made from yero and some cement on the sides to enclose the area kasi may semento na din both sides ng kapitbahay. Yay so excited to have some plants na! Gusto kong magtanim ng Malunggay, we currently have one at our Antipolo house.

    Townhouse Progress Report: Temporary Fence

    I also instructed my partner to set up the curtain hooks for the curtains. I told him to use the recycled tubes from my old cabinet. 

    Townhouse Progress Report: Curtains

    A little side kwento, the tubes are from my old cabinet that looks like this:

    Lazada Cabinet

    Eh diba manipis lang na tela yan? So ayun nasira na eh I kept all the tubes yung parang mga bones nya. I was thinking maybe I can still use it so tinago ko talaga, so ayan nagamit ko na nga! He He He! 

    Townhouse Progress Report

    And another great news was, may tubig na! Pwede na kameng gumawa ng iba pang renovations ng hindi na humihingi or bumibili ng tubig sa kapitbahay. The renovations are not that grand, but I am still happy kasi our plans have developments na!

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