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    Tuesday, February 9, 2016

    Townhouse Progress Report: Service Area Roof

    Townhouse Progress Report: Service Area Roof

    I finally got the courage to blog about our townhouse. I should have done this before so I can see where we at now and how we build our humble abode little by little. It was not easy, there are a lot of trials that come our way. Two years ago, I wanted to gave up. I thought of having the house on foreclosure. I can't afford it anymore because of the additional/large expenses that we had when I gave birth to my twins. We only have one household income and my salary was not enough for our expenses plus the fact that my twins spent weeks at the NICU. Fortunately, I have a very supportive mom who shouldered my monthly payments for the house as soon as I can recover from my pregnancy expenses. Then a year before, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Grabe sinusubukan talaga ko! She stopped working and started to have her therapy sessions. Her savings was consumed and no income for several months. Again, we are so lucky that my cousin from Canada helped us pay the townhouse. Thank you so much Ate! At present, mom is free from breast cancer. She is continuously taking her medicine and frequent visits her doctor. We are hoping that the cancer will never come back. We are paying our debts little by little and I am so proud to say that I don't have any late payments. Yey! I'm hoping to add extra payments to my principal soon! Isa isa lang He He He!

    So yun nga, medyo nalayo ako ng onti sa title ng post na 'to. I wrote here before that we visited the townhouse last year together with my mom. And how our neighbor disrespected our property by putting some of their things inside our townhouse without permission. The townhouse was taken out two (2) years ago and because of a lot of problems that we encountered we didn't manage to visit it and have someone occupy it. Late last year, we started to get back on track. Even this year, one of my goals is to finally move in to our townhouse. But I am not ready yet, we are not ready. We don't have any appliances or furniture. I don't have enough savings to cover the expenses for the move in. My emergency fund is not even on the half target amount and I don't want to use the twins' savings and my insurance fund value. I can't leave my current work and it will be hard to travel from Cavite to Eastwood. So I have a change of heart. We decided for someone to rent the townhouse first while we are still saving. Currently, someone is already interested on renting it but there are still a lot of work that is needed for the townhouse before she can occupy it. Last year I already settled the payments for the construction bond and building permit and the amount is not a joke! Last week my partner already started to built the roof for our service area. And to my dismay, the lock on the front door was broken and the neighbor's rooster was inside the house, again! Too bad I was not with them when they went there but my brother insisted that we should file a complain against them if they repeat it for the third time. Maybe they thought they can get something inside the house. Good thing there are no stuff yet. 

    Going back, the roof on the service area was already installed but still needs to be polish.

    Townhouse Progress Report: Service Area Roof

    Townhouse Progress Report: Service Area Roof

    Townhouse Progress Report: Service Area Roof

    Townhouse Progress Report: Service Area Roof

    I am happy with our progress at-least kahit papano nakakausad na kame. I know it will not be easy along the way, we are not yet on the half of the renovation, we will sure spend a lot of money and effort but as long as I have my family with me who is my number one inspiration everything will be worth the wait.

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