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    Tuesday, August 4, 2015

    Bobbi Brown: Topaz Learning Workshop - Eye Makeup with Eyeglasses

    Bobbi Brown: Topaz Learning Workshop - Eye Makeup with Eyeglasses
    Bobbi Brown: Topaz Learning Workshop - Eye Makeup with Eyeglasses

    I was chosen to be a part of the Topaz Learning Workshop x Bobbi Brown for Eye Make Up with Eyeglasses. I was invited by Frances Sales of Topaz Mommy and Topaz Horizon!

    Yes I am one of those girls who is four eyed. Since I started working back in 2007, I wore eyeglasses with 50/50 grades. Its because I am reading in moving vehicles and in no light. Bad! But you will notice that I don't wear it much often. Its either, I wear contact lenses or I am just plain lazy. Ha Ha Ha! And that's the reason why my grades goes higher. :( Plus the fact that I got back into crocheting. It's now 125/100. Sometimes I am mistaken for being suplada because I don't notice them from a far. Now you know that if I don't notice you, its because I can't see you. Ha Ha Ha.

    My very first eyeglasses with 50/50 grades.

    Eye Makeup with Eyeglasses
    My old eyeglasses

    Then I had my eyeglasses changed to a black frame. I had this for years. It has 125/100 grades. Then I bought another one last year but it had a wrong prescription. It made my head hurts every-time I wear it.

    Eye Makeup with Eyeglasses

    Eye Makeup with Eyeglasses
    My new eyeglasses with Abby

    And just last week, I ordered a new one with bigger frames. For new look at para maiba lang from my previous old eyeglasses. Nyehehe. And for alternate use too.

    So imagine my excitement when I was invited for the workshop? I know how to do basic make up but not with eyeglasses on. When I am attending special events, I will wear my contact lenses because it's easier to do the make up. But nowadays there are several frames that girls will look cool and hippie with their eyeglasses on. Honestly, I don't feel that way every-time I used it. I will opt to use my contact lenses instead. But being puyat most of the time, its not really advisable to wear contact lenses. I accepted it that I will wear eyeglasses most of my life. And I learned to deal with it and I am happy that there are make up workshop like this that can enhance your features even if you wear your eyeglasses on.

    Bobbi Brown
    Bobbi Brown at SM Megamall

    The workshop was held at Bobbi Brown in SM Megamall. I was really early so I had the time to take pictures. 

    Bobbi Brown
    While waiting ...

    Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes

    I scanned the book Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes while waiting too.

    Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes

    Bobbi Brown

    Bobbi Brown

    Bobbi Brown

    This is the Bobbi Brown's Make Up Room. They have free workshops that is being held here. You can also approach the staff if you want some free make up tutorial and they are willing to teach you even if you don't have any purchase. They will also swatch you with your correct shades. Awesome right?

    Bobbi Brown's Make Up Lessons
    Here are the Bobbi Brown's Make Up Lessons

    Bobbi Brown Make Up Workshop

    Here is Tamara our make up artist who did the workshop with the help of Jerome who is the manager of Bobbi Brown. She looks like Cristine Reyes on a side view. Especially if you see her smile with her dimples. :)

    Bobbi Brown Make Up Workshop

    Here, Jerome is working on our model, Frances.

    So here are the steps on making that eye glow under those eyeglasses.

    1. Corrector
    2. Concealer
    3. Primer
    4. Eyeshadows
    5. Eyeliner
    6. Mascara
    7. Eyebrows

    Easy right? But sometimes we opt to not do this. Why? Because we are so busy. Especially me, I'm a mom now and I always go out without make up on. I care less! Ha Ha Ha. But as Tamara said, we should always look good because you don't know who you will bump into. 

    I learned a lot on that day and there are also tips that Tamara pointed out that day:

    Bobbi Brown's Corrector
    Bobbi Brown's Corrector

    • Concealer Corrector is the secret of the universe!
    • If you have heavy frames, its indeed needed to have corrector under your eyes.
    • Corrector helps neutralize your eyes.
    • You should layer the corrector with concealer. Don't add concealer on the eyelids because it will make it grease. Just under the eyes.

    Bobby Brown's Creamy Concealer Kit
    Bobby Brown's Creamy Concealer Kit

    • Blend the concealer on top of the corrector with a brush.
    • To set the corrector and concealer, add pale yellow powder.
    • Add primer to cover lines. It will help the eye-shadow to show and stick.

    Bobbi Brown's Eye-shadow and Pencil Eyeliner
    Bobbi Brown's Eye-shadow and Pencil Eyeliner

  • When putting eye-shadow do not fight the color of the frame. They should compliment each other. Remember definition is the key.

  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil
    Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil

    • Its important to define the eyes with eyeliner. 
    • Tip for putting eyeliner: Place a face mirror under your chin and learn to line your eyes by looking at the mirror and without pulling the side of the eyes sideways. I haven't done this yet because I am used to the other technique. But Tamara said that it works for her.
    Bobbi Brown
    Hello there beauties!

    • Add a waterproof mascara so it won't smudge on your eyeglasses.
    • Use a black mascara no any other color and curl it after. It will help your eyes pop out.
    • Shape your eyebrows and use a color that is close to your hair color. Don't ever use a black color for your eyebrows. It should be close to dark brown or something.
    • A bit of a brown liner under the eye. But in my case, one of the Bobbi Brown staff added a black liner half line under my eye which enhances my eyes.
    • Don't forget that skincare and moisturizer is also the key for good eye make up.
    • Its all about definition of the eyes.

    Bobbi Brown: Topaz Learning Workshop
    Before & After

    And this is my Before and After shot! I just did my eyebrows before going to the workshop. Can you see the difference of how my eyes was enhanced? And the minimal sight of my eye bags? I really love their corrector. I hope I can buy one but you know I am still on a budget. The mascara and the eyeliner help my eyes glow too. I don't really use mascara often because I have short eyelashes. Their mascara is a must have, it made my eyelashes look long.

    Bobbi Brown: Topaz Learning Workshop
    with Frances

    Aside from learning a lot from the workshop, I was really happy to finally met Frances. Her voice is so cute in person! I can't help to make daldal to her on how I stumbled upon her blog. I first saw her blog when I was searching for a simple party ideas (I was planning my twins' birthday back then). I read about her boys' birthdays and how they simply celebrated it with small guests, simple decorations and DIY invitations. From then, I started to stalked her blog. Little did I know, she is a famous blogger pala! :)

    Bobbi Brown: Topaz Learning Workshop
    I also met Martine De Luna of Make It Blissful!

    I also met Martine De Luna of Make It Blissful! Her blog is all about inspirations! I read her blog because of some workshops and super super nice photos. She is also super nice and her baby is so cute!

    Bobbi Brown: Topaz Learning Workshop
    All the participants. I am the smallest one! :)

    Thank you Frances and Bobbi Brown for the very informative workshop. I would also like to thank Tamara for teaching us and the whole Bobbi Brown staffs for being so attentive and helpful. :)

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