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    Thursday, August 20, 2015

    A Quick Trip To Cavite

    A Quick Trip To Cavite

    Finally we have the time to visit our townhouse in Cavite. Its been years since the last time we visit. My mom and I are really surprised on how many people are living there now. We have neighbors na din! Since natake out namin yung townhouse, we are still planning pa on renovating it. At-least that's how my mom wants it. 

    A Quick Trip To Cavite
    Naubos lahat yung jalousie! Pero all smiles pa din si madir!

    To our surprised, our townhouse was not locked. Even worse is, one of our neighbors put their chicken inside (as in yung panabong na manok pa!) and some wood, trash and ginawa pang sampayan ang harap ng bahay. It was so sad! And the jalousie glass that is on the dirty kitchen was all stolen. As in naubos sya! I felt guilty because I don't have time to visit the place kahit once a month lang. I was really ready to fight with the neighbors. But I felt din na it was our fault because we don't get to visit the house. Still, you don't have the right to trespass. So we requested them to get all their things out of the house para hindi na mapunta sa complaint ang lahat. And I told them na once na nagvisit kame ulet at andun pa ang mga gamit nila, magrereklamo na talaga ako!

    So mom was really worried, after our trip she can't sleep well thinking that our townhouse is not secured. It was really hard for me because I am the one in charge. Eh in the first place ako naman kumuha ng townhouse. Inaangkin lang ni mudrabels (well sa kanya naman talaga, iniloan ko yung bahay for her, sa akin lang nakapangalan). :p We have a lot of things to do. We need to complete the requirements so we can get a permit to renovate the townhouse. We really need to secure it right away. The problem is, I do not have enough time during weekdays and every weekend is my time for the twins. We are accompanied by my partner so my mom instructed him on what to do with the extensions at the front and will add roof for the dirty kitchen (my partner is a former foreman and works for construction before). So there is no problem in terms of labor. He can get someone to help him with the renovations. There's a lot of things to do and I don't know where to start. :(

    Before we left, I talked to the people who is maintaining the whole area. They can't do anything about our place, na-takeout na kasi sya so it is our full responsibility to secure it. We just need to talked seriously with our neighbors not to dump things on our house. So yun, wala naman kameng magagawa we just really need to visit the house every now and then. 

    A Quick Trip To Cavite

    After visiting the townhouse, we went to Imus Municipal Hall to pay for our real property tax. We advanced it until the year 2016.

    A Quick Trip To Cavite

    We took some pictures and say a little prayer at the Imus Cathedral before going home.

    A Quick Trip To Cavite

    Sobrang dameng gagawin, but I know in God's time we will be able to renovate our townhouse, live there and have a house that we can call our own. Being raised on a squatter's area, having your own house is really a dream come true. This is for my mom, I loaned this for her. I hope once she decided to finally be here in the Philippines for good, she will be able to enjoy living in her own home.

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