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    Wednesday, July 1, 2015

    Dessert Love: Cab Cafe

    Dessert Love: Cab Cafe

    I was invited for another foodie meetup around Kapitolyo. Yes I was excited because it's my first time in the area. I already read a lot of raves about Kapitolyo being the foodie capital in the Metro. And because its my first time there, getting to the place is a bit tricky. I've worked in Shaw for almost a month and I know Kapitolyo from the back of my mind that its just near EDSA Shaw. Well, I was wrong. I nearly got lost! Thank's to Google Map and to all the security guards that I've asked. He He He

    Dessert Love: Cab Cafe

    So Hello there Cab Cafe!

    I was early when I got to the place. So I got a chance to take pictures of the Cafe.

    Dessert Love: Cab Cafe

    They have minimal designs and simple arrangements of tables and chair. They also have an al fresco dining area. They have ample space of parking and have a free wi-fi.

    Dessert Love: Cab Cafe

    But what really caught me are these beautiful cakes! Hello there beauties!

    Cakes - Cab Cafe

    I might eat one of you today! :)

    Cakes - Cab Cafe

    Cakes - Cab Cafe

    Cakes - Cab Cafe

    Cakes - Cab Cafe

    Cakes - Cab Cafe

    Okay, enough with the desserts. Let's go to the other side of the cafe.

    Dessert Love: Cab Cafe

    Initially, the other side of Cab Cafe is a bar. Upon entering you will see different beers and drinks that are displayed.

    Wines & Beers - Cab Cafe

    Dessert Love: Cab Cafe

    Dessert Love: Cab Cafe

    Dessert Love: Cab Cafe

    Dessert Love: Cab Cafe

    There are a lot of frames with quotes hanging on the wall. I like this side more than the other one. The dim light is ok especially if you are having an intimate dinner with your special someone. 

    Mark Magalona - Cab Cafe
    Here is Mark Magalona, the owner of Cab Cafe

    Before we tried the food, Mark Magalona (the owner of Cab Cafe) gave us an introduction about the place. Cab Cafe is the branch of Bob's Cafe in Bacolod that his mom and dad owns. The menu's that they have here is almost the same with the one that they have in Bacolod especially the cakes. Cab Cafe is from his parents' name Cynthia And Bob.

    Dessert Love: Cab Cafe

    Let's go to the food! First served are the coffees. You know that I loved coffees. And the two served coffees are really delicious. 

    Caramel Macchiato and Choco Peanut Butter Pie - Cab Cafe
    Caramel Macchiato and Choco Peanut Butter Pie

    The Choco Peanut Butter Pie is served cold and its something unique. Definitely a must try!

    Caramel Macchiato - Cab Cafe
    Caramel Macchiato

    I loved how strong and creamy the Caramel Macchiato. I can definitely enjoy this kind of coffee. I can also enjoy this if its serve cold.

    Country Sausage Platter - Cab Cafe
    Country Sausage Platter

    Next on the menu is the Country Sausage Platter. It was a hit! I loved how refined all the ingredients, it was very meaty! According to Mark, it was homemade. There is no chunks inside, easy to chew and very delicious. One of my favorite! I need to buy the frozen ones next time so I can cook it at home.

    Pinoy Deli Pasta - Cab Cafe
    Pinoy Deli Pasta

    Pinoy Deli Pasta has a full flavors of fresh tomatoes. The sourness of the tomatoes blended well with tinapa flakes and salted egg.

    Pizza Alfredo - Cab Cafe
    Pizza Alfredo

    Pizza Alfredo is my favorite of all! I am bias because I love every kind of pizza's. But I am telling you that you must try this dish once you visit Cab Cafe. I loved everything about it!

    Sate Babe - Cab Cafe
    Sate Babe

    Next on the menu is Sate Babe. The name itself is engaging. The sauce has peanuts but unlike the one that I've tasted from Malaysia, there is something different on it that I can't pinpoint but on a good way. I think they should also offer a chicken satay.

    Batchoy Bacolod - Cab Cafe
    Batchoy Bacolod

    Batchoy Bacolod has a big serving on a bowl. It has a simple taste with a raw egg that you need to mix with the soup to complement all the flavors.

    And another favorite part of mine are the desserts!

    Mango Pavlova - Cab Cafe
    Mango Pavlova

    First on the desserts is their bestseller, Mango Pavlova. At first look, I thought it would be crisp. But no, it was so soft and so yummy! It's not too sweet and have enough mangoes for the fillings. There was also an added crunch from the almonds.

    Blueberry Cheesecake - Cab Cafe

    Second dessert is the sinful Blueberry Cheesecake! It was so thick and so good at the same time.

    Watermelon Blackberry and Strawberry Raspberry - Cab Cafe

    They offered drinks too, Ice Fruit Coolers. They served 2 flavors which is Watermelon Blackberry and Strawberry Raspberry. I tried the latter. The flavors is just enough and not too sweet. It complements to all the food that I ate that day. And honestly, one cup is not enough! It really quenched my thirst.

    Local Beers - Cab Cafe

    They also served 3 kinds of their local beers. I think I had tried the Kawayan Ale which has a strong taste. I am not used to drinking beers anymore. :)

    I will give them a rate of 4.5 for the food but because their staff is well knowledgeable about all their menus, the owner who is so humble (liking our images on IG and adding us) is a big plus, I will definitely give them a five! I am easy to please, but what's really get me is how you treat your customers. That day, Mark didn't make us feel that we are his customers but indeed his friends. He also accepted all the things that needs to improve for his cafe from our foodie group. Big thumbs up! A great experience and delicious food, I am so excited to go back!

    Cab Cafe
    18th East Capitol Drive
    Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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