Merakibowy is now available on Zalora Marketplace!

The owner and designer of the brand, Caitlin Gaille De Guzman to tell us more about Merakibowy, and here’s what we found out!

Caitlin Gaille De Guzman, designer and owner of Merakibowy (Photo by: Carlos Rosales)

So, what does Merakibowy means? According to Caitlin, “Meraki”, is a Greek word that means, creating something that you love. “Bowy”, on the other hand, came from Caitlin’s favorite model, Daria Werbowy. She decided to combine this words together.
Caitlin wanted to design something authentic and new, which people will be curious about. And this has been her inspiration in creating her Merakibowy collection.
Merakibowy designs are easy to wear clothes fit for women who likes to take it easy and has a laid-back lifestyle.

Here are some of their collections:

Sylvia off the Shoulder Top (Photo from Merakibowy Facebook page)

Mossel Printed Top with Zigi Skirt (Photo from Merakibowy Instagram page)

(Photo by: Carlos Rosales)

(Photo by: Carlos Rosales)

Merakibowy is an online fashion boutique which started earlier in 2015.

You may visit their Facebook, Instagram page, and now you can see more of their latest collections in Zalora.
For inquiries, please contact:
Merakibowy by Caitlin Gaille De Guzman
Call/SMS: +639151800298 

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