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    Monday, April 20, 2015

    Mcdonald's McFlurry Sans Rival

    Mcdonald's Mcflurry Sans Rival
    Image from Mcdonald's FB Page

    "Take me round and round. Fun & laughter all around."

    I love their song on their Mcdonald's Mcflurry Sans Rival commercial. Whenever I hear it, I want to eat Mcflurry Sans Rival at that very moment. Yeah, the commercial got me again. He He He

    A photo posted by Neri Ann (@nheng_28) on

    Mcdonald's Mcflurry Sans Rival (P50.00)

    I was treated by a co worker when I first tried it and it doesn't disappoint me! I love how it melts on my mouth and have bits of corns and I think some graham crackers. I also like how the syrup complements the ice cream. Plus the fact that it is flurried! *jumping-in-joy*

    Mcdonald's Dreamy Decadence Desserts
    Mcdonald's Dreamy Decadence Desserts

    The Sans Rival McFlurry is included on the New Mcdonald's Dreamy Decadence Desserts. And the other new mouthwatering flavors are the Tiramisu Coke McFloat, Black Forest Coke McFloat, Cookie Butter McFlurry and Mango McDip! Excited to try them especially the McFloats because I am a fan of it.

    So much excitement with all these desserts! *wink-wink*

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