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    Tuesday, December 16, 2014

    Graham Balls with Marshmallows

    Graham Balls with Marshmallows

    I am still trying to figure out if I want to make sweets for souvenirs on my twin's baptismal. I don't want the usual figurine souvenirs. I have a lot in our house from my godchildren and some are already destroyed because I don't have a decent cabinet to keep it. But if its not sweets it must be something usable, functional and valuable.

    Anyway, I've been wanting to make the Graham Balls with Marshmallows for the longest time now. Aside from Grahams are one of the easiest ingredients to use on desserts it is also one of my favorites in making sweets.

    This dessert is so easy to do. Anyone can make it and it is also a good way to have a bonding with your kids. In my case they can't join me yet.

    Graham Balls with Marshmallows

    200 g crushed grahams
    1 small can condensed
    marshmallows (optional)

    Other ingredients that you might want to add for the coating or fillings of your graham balls are:

    Peanut butter
    Crushed nuts
    Choco or milk ganache
    Confectioner sugar

    You can check Joys Of A Wife and Mom's Blog on how she did hers.

    Graham Balls with Marshmallows

    First Step: Mix the crushed grahams and 1 can of condense.

    Graham Balls with Marshmallows

    Second: Mix until desired texture

    Graham Balls with Marshmallows

    Third: Scoop a portion from a spoon and roll in into a ball

    Graham Balls with Marshmallows

    Fourth: Push your thumb unto the graham ball and add the marshmallows and roll it again to make a ball

    Graham Balls with Marshmallows

    Last: Roll it on the crushed grahams

    Graham Balls with Marshmallows

    That's it! So easy right? I think I made a total of 12 graham balls which are a few pieces. Ha Ha Ha. I am not really good in balancing the portions because some are a little bit bigger and some are small. I really had fun doing it and I might do it again on Christmas Eve because the kids loves it!

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